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If you are looking for a computer repair company that will provide you with the best advice and knowledge in relation to your particular computer issue, you are best going to a computer repair company where you will be dealing with the same IT technician who will get to know your computer and IT needs ...  Continue Reading
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Are you sure it was automatic or client error ? If automatic how do others safeguard from this from happening? Many things break and issues occur when upgrading operating systems, particularly if your business is dependent on older more specialised Windows software.

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There are several ways you can look into going about this:
You will need Adobe Acrobat Pro (I believe) to have this ability within the "Tools" section. There will even be an option at the end of the form you can add a button that sends completed forms to your email address.You can create interactive documents ...  Continue Reading
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I really think a good answer to this kind of question requires a "wish list" of the features/processes you would like in an ideal system. Otherwise, all you're likely to get are lots of different opinions from people about systems they like, that may be perfect for their situations, but not so for yours.

And then, if there are none out there that people can recommend, or any that meet all your requirements, you can talk to someone like me to help put something together that will meet every single one of your specific needs.

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I haven't even tried :)!! I'm a creature of habit and haven't yet felt the need to upgrade. I've used iOS 7 previously and it's beautiful except I'm still a little confused by it and not high priority. 

Maybe you can try downloading at wee hours of the night where not many people are awake - say 3am? or maybe at a time Uni students will be sleeping haha say 6am :)

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I realise this is an old question, but what the hell :) Firstly - look at your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. Do you have one? Do you allow staff to bring their own devices? If they do, is supporting them your responsibility? Next, look at your general IT security policy. Do you allow anyone and everyone to have access to the wireless security code? If you do, do you change it every time someone leaves? (Otherwise, they could sit in the street and steal your data..) Those points look like they aren't quite related, but they are.. Firstly - unless you actually NEED wireless access for your corporate network, just don't use it. Secondly - if you DO need it, then restrict the devices that can access it. one of my clients has a network of about 100 people. There's no way we can have all of them having their iphones on the wireless network, for several reasons. The solution at that network is to actively restrict devices we don't know or recognise from the wireless network. This particular organisation provides IT equipment for their staff. They don't provide mobile phones, because it';s not essential for their job. Ergo, the staff should have no reason to connect their personal devices to the wireless network. Not only does it create security risks, but it also means the staff member(s) are then effectively taking company resources for their own purposes.