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Dr Louise Metcalf

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This is a kind of 'how long is a piece of string' question and there are so many answers that could be given! Endless! However there are some really certain bets that can make.
1. Quantum computing and efficient solar batteries - a lot of bots - one of the things that has held back everyone having the ...  Continue Reading
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Deborah Vella

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As the next generation comes through to the management levels in business, we seem to be seeing a trend towards more businesses with attributes that appeal to the millennial generation. One of those is working on your own terms in small business rather than grinding out work for years for a large employer. I think the next big thing in the next five to ten years will be just that, a major shift away from big business and supporting small businesses which provide a personal service.

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Jenny Thomson

Jenny Thomson at Flannel Clothing

As an eCommerce site Amazon is one of the best option fot retail business. Already many of the retail businesses based in UK,USA, Australia & Canada impacted with Amazon. Even the top most brands like Alanic Activewear, Nordstrom, Nike have already connected with Amazon.

For example-

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

In all honesty, I think the next big thing in the time span you've mentioned will be companies abandoning or tweaking their Robotic/Drone/Artificial Intelligence presence to a more human approach.
Just as currently we are seeing the most successful companies are the ones with not only the best user experience ...  Continue Reading
Lisa Ormenyessy

, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

Oh Jef I do hope so! Successful business is about relationship and if we lose the balance we are all doomed, business or not!

Deborah Vella

, at

I believe the next big thing is already starting to emerge. A cultural shift away from employment towards starting a small business.

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Sathyanarayanan Srinivasa

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You need to understand the demand & supply gap for the products that you have decided to invest in, apart from the other scenarios which you will consider. The ground rules mainly would be complying with the applicable statutory requirements and work within the limits applicable to the industry in which the investment has been made. You may have to deal with both micro and macro economic conditions applicable to the business.

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Philippe Flatt

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Yes indeed I had a sharp decline in customer enquiries for my photo studio as soon as there were rumblings about a possible election. A friend who sells luxury goods online also has experienced the same thing.

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Steven Freeman

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Print is quite dead and risky for small business advertising. If you can get in with your council and list your event through that it may be OK. I don't regularly read the local paper, but have a glance occasionally when I'm having a mental break from screen time which is a healthy thing to do once per week.