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Mark Reisinger

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What advantage does a 14ft dinghy have over a cruise liner? Well, for a start they can turn and stop much quicker. Pretty handy advantage if you are heading for an iceberg!

In business, that same advantage applies in the form of agility. Your lead capture form is not performing? No problem, ...  Continue Reading
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Ava Tran

Ava Tran at CHIMI

That's just the nature of running businesses. Most fail within 5 years. Not exclusive to Australia..

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Narine Poghosyan

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Great question!
Firstly you need to decide your aim for marketing. Is it about branding or conversion?
If it's about Branding, There is no actual way of tracking it if it's now digital. If it's digital then you can track it by impressions.
If your aim is conversion. You can make fill out a form (asking about where they know about you) at the time of conversion so that you can track.
If your marketing is digital then it is very easy, you can use google analytics and try to track customers at the time of conversion.

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Chloe Constantinides

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Hi Vikas,
I agree with much of Steve's comments. Talking to people is the best way to ascertain if your idea has legs. If people get excited by your concept, and start elaborating on your idea or making suggestions on what you could do with it, it may suggest you're onto something conceptually.
Have a ...  Continue Reading
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Tom Potter

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probably introduced more capital to grow harder and faster /however the main key point was to have a major point of difference which we had up until I sold the business

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David Ferris

David Ferris, Business Development Executive at Davelcorp Insurance Brokers

There are some tremendous resources available on the "Gazelles.com" website which focuses on a "one page business plan . You are extremely astute to recognise that  understanding  key metrics from the outset will position you well for success.