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Reg Sorrell

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I personally use Premiere Pro, but I'm not a fan of their business model, so wouldn't recommend them. I would recommend Da Vinci Resolve 16 to start with. It is absolutley free and you can upgrade for a one off fee of $299 (Studio). Very powerful and to top it off, it is an Aussie company.

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Highlighting the positive features as well as its negative aspects would be good. Anything longer than 3 minutes would be too long.

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Geoff Crain

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The best way to get affordable video production is to have a set goal for your creative (ex. drive awareness or drive sales) and source quotes from 3-5 different production companies to achieve it. 

Every production (creative) agency is different. Some specialize in brand creative, others ...  Continue Reading
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Top 10%

The first thing to do is not think of the medium first (video), but rather - who are you trying to reach? Be really, really specific about who this is and what drives them.

Then, once you know that - how can video content give those people something they care about?

If you answer the first question, the second one is much easier.

Also, check out a business I worked with in this space  looking to do just what you're asking:

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This may depend on budget and what you want, as well as how much support you need. Are you looking to create a very "glossy", Cannes-award-winner with a six figure budget to match? Or are you looking for regular social content that will mainly go on YouTube and Facebook?

There is a lot ...  Continue Reading
Hatty Bell

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Great insight @Lisa Creffield ! Your final point really stood out to me. Again it's remembering where the video will be placed. Video's for social need to be good quality, but they can be a little bit more natural right?