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Like many of the others, I'd recommend Flippa or perhaps Empire Flippers, for the primary reason that this is their specialty and they know how to assist in valuation and have a large market of investors.

That said, their investors often have strict buying criteria and are looking for ...  Continue Reading
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One method we're strongly considering is just redirecting to the gTLD ( and on pages that need to be location specific (e.g. accounting page for US will be different to AU), we'll use cookies to identify where they are and dynamically change the feed to show location specific content. 

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Allisha Martin

Allisha Martin

Hi, If you are looking for an e-learning app development company in Australia, my suggestion would be to consult Fortunesoft IT Innovations(
The company consists of an expert team of developers
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I think Mark has provide a well-written reply, but I'd like to add something else:

What do you want to achieve in the long run?

Both are quite easy to use (with Squarespace I believe a little more adaptable for beginners), but if in the future, you're planning to have a robust e-commerce ...  Continue Reading
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I have been using Zoom to run an online writing group, and find it a very solid platform. I do recommend getting a paid account so you can go longer than 40 minutes (also dial-in isn't always working for free accounts due to the current high demand - there was a warning about this on their site recently).

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Hi Lisa, this is a great help, thanks for the advice. Especially about Vimeo having a password protection feature on each videos. This is an advantage over hosting on YouTube.