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Brian Dorricott

Brian Dorricott, Business Specialist at

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My suggestion would be a "Business Coach" because the right one can have a massive impact and introduce you to any other people who can help the business.

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Brad Lyons

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The Philippines is a much better place for support services in my view. In fact, an indian call centre employed by Telstra at one point outsource some of their work to the Philippines at one stage. 

There are a number of reasons companies will use BPO. One is definitely the cost savings, ...  Continue Reading
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Hitesh Mohanlal

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Depends. If you are willing to train and teach then it can work. If not it will not work. Also it depends on what you mean cheap. If you pay rock bottom prices then the chances are you are not going to get great quality out of them no matter how much you train.
I have 3 staff overseas and have been outsourcing ...  Continue Reading
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Laura Dang. Process improvement innovator

Laura Dang. Process improvement innovator, Principal at UploadOnce

Small projects are probably the best when using contractors for me.

When you and your prospective colleague are both new to a relationship, small projects provide a low cost, low risk, time-bound opportunity for parties to clarify expectations, define boundaries and explore each other's strengths, weaknesses and expertise.

Everyone has different styles and skills... it's just about finding someone who works well with yours. An employment relationship is no different to any other relationship.

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I have seen this in some of my previous work experiences, however, I think it vastly depends on how well you vet or verify the people you outsource work. I believe that you you conduct your due diligence you're more likely to find a good long term partner. The next part is working on that professional ...  Continue Reading
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Mia Alarin

Mia Alarin at Transeo Pty. Ltd.

Hi Susan,

I am Mia and I am from Transeo. We are a Digital Media and Offshore company. We offer this kind of services and I would like to know your specific requirements for a Virtual Assistant. What would be the best way to reach you if ever you are open for a discussion?


Mia Alarin

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Brian Mallyon

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I think it is important to look further than the headlines. China's economy is changing, but not necessarily as a manufacturer.
Stats. I have seen usually show that manufacturing goes through cycles of surges and declines depending on a whole range of things like seasonal aspects as well as the state ...  Continue Reading
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Non frontline customer related tasks as much less risky to outsource.