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Carol Jones

Carol Jones, Owner at Interface Pty Ltd

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Good morning Susan from rural Australia,
Steve Osborne's response is absolutely correct. Every detail of his reply is valuable information for you.
It's the third party endorsement that's the icing on the cake.
If you say your product or service is wonderful, who cares? You're biased.
If, on the other hand, ...  Continue Reading
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Luat Duong

Luat Duong, SEO Lead at

I would definitely put HARO and JournoRequests up there. It's free so it's perfect for small businesses.

If you're looking for paid ones, I've had good experiences with Prowly and BuzzSumo with their enormous selection of media contacts. BuzzSumo is more content-oriented but one could 100% use it for PR.

Hatty Bell

, Team at

Sourcebottle is great too!

Luat Duong

, SEO Lead at

Thank you! I will check it out now!

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Beau Ushay

Beau Ushay, Owned Media & Marketing Specialist at

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Have something to say that's of interest to your audience.

Not something which you want to say, but something which will genuinely give them value or spark interest. Have a really good understanding of what your customers care about and make absolutely everything about that.

Many founders and SME's focus too much on what they want to say, which just gets ignored as white noise.

Hatty Bell

, Team at

Great insight, I guess knowing who your audience is and where they are is an important aspect of this too

Beau Ushay

, Owned Media & Marketing Specialist at

It's the key to everything. And just because you're not paying for it, doesn't mean it isn't costing you.. (time, attention, other resources).

Don't force stories when there's nothing to say, but instead make PR one part of your mix to ensure you're always visible to the right type of customers. Mix it up so your momentum is consistent, with including other levers which are more reliable.

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Jef Lippiatt

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Thanks for tagging me to this @Hatty Bell I may have missed this question with that.

I think that the answers given by @Lisa Creffield and @Erik Bigalk get to the heart of what I would call a traditional answer that is still relevant and meaningful to many businesses.

However, ...  Continue Reading
Hatty Bell

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Hi @Jef Lippiatt . Really interesting input here, and great to see another perspective on PR and marketing. It seems that PR and marketing are different for each company and each industry. I have worked in teams where PR, marketing, customer service and even web development are all lumped together, others where PR is running completely separately 

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Celia Harding

Celia Harding, Director at

It depends on your budget and the time and resource you have available internally.  If you are a bigger business and can afford to pay $8k-$15k a month, it can make sense to hire a reputable agency. Just make sure you do your due diligence and set clear measurables/KPIs, so that everyone is on the ...  Continue Reading
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Gisele Boulay

Gisele Boulay, Founder at Gisele Boulay Communications

Hi Andrew: Would that be business coaching? For effective PR, you'd need to position yourself as an expert. There are a few ways you can go about this. Tactic A - Media Relations. Journos are always looking for experts with interesting stories/points of view. Identify a fresh and interesting angle ...  Continue Reading