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Kirsty Fox

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The short answer is yes, but you really need to get professional advice. Talk to your accountant and lawyer - agreements will need to be drawn up to protect both you and the purchasers of part of the business. It's way too involved to get into here.

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Denise Hall

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Get an Appraisal done. This is something I produce for business owners either as part of our Sale Process, or as a stand-alone line-in-the-sand document. It is 10-pages outlining saleability considerations and an indicative price range, taking into account the market realities of your industry.
Trying to calculate this yourself, without access to market knowledge or comparable data may end in tears...

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I have a very credible and indepependant contact who can assist with this. He prepares formal business valuations for any small to medium businesses. He works in association with lawyers in the divorce, commercial law, business law, areas where there is often a need to have businesses valued accurately.

Contact me directly Craig and I will pass on the details.

Craig Hyland


Hi Steven. I've followed you. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Neil Steggall

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Hi Johnathan,

I did a little checking and came up with a June 2014 report prepared for the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AABB) which could provide the info you are looking for. I cannot attach the file here but if you email me - neils@ ( - added as the site blocks email addresses!) I will forward a copy of the report to you.

A good site for statistics on various industries is bizstats ( have a good selection of free data and a wide range of specific industry data available at low cost.

I hope this helps, let me know how you go,



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Jeffrey Joel

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You already have regular clientels, why not try simply posting a sign outside that this business is for sale or have a chat to a few of your better, well connected clients? The sign will generate some interest to local folks who might like to try their hands at running an already established cafe. Smart business people will see that there is an opportunity and they may not want to buy it themselves but they may have friends or associated that are looking for one. What better reference than coming from a regular who can vouch for your business.

Pius Jeon


I love your outside-the-box thinking. This idea is simple, easy and effective.