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An online toy store might seem to have a lot in common with a retail toy store, but success in one does not guarantee success in the other.

The things they have in common are:
Business management (legal, financial, HR, customer service)Distributor and wholesaler relationsBrandingWhat's ...  Continue Reading
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Thanks for this great insight @Ameet Virdee - does having the existing customer base from the brick and mortar store help?

Ameet Virdee

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Sure, but only if you can reach them :). The tricky part, is getting existing customers to know about the new online presence if they're not walking into the shop any more. If customer records contain any of their contact details, they can be sent an email/sms/letter to let them know about the new online options. There are legal ramifications to unsolicited digital contact (anti-spam laws), so it wouldn't be wise to send something more than once without the customer's explicit permission. It's possible to set up subscription mailing-lists to do it properly (with unsubscribe links), but I'm assuming business owners making this transition want to keep it simple to begin with.

The other thing to consider is that it's much harder to maintain face-to-face communication with just a website, but this is where things like facebook groups can help. A facebook group around a store gives customers a place to ask questions or get advice. That relationship building will help an online store flourish. It will be quiet initially but if the owner or staff keep at it, respond quickly, people will remember the good service they received and come back. 

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In my experience this can easily be linked to a payment platform using the URL pasted into Facebook - for it to look great I’d use a landing page software such as Leadpages 

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I absolutely agree with Steve. If you've done your pricing correctly to cover your materials, labor, overhead (time spent ordering supplies, marketing, etc.) then you'll have a fair price set and won't have to worry about how resellers price your goods.

So, I also suspect that your items are under-charged right now.

Wholesale is a great way for a scale-able business to establish a steady income without having to worry as much about advertising, shipping, etc.

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Thanks, I've buy stuff I found on Ozbargain all the time - though 80% of stuff because its a great bargain and not from a need, and I think that's the secret sauce - driving non-essential spend.

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Indeed. Impulse buy works for everyone -- probably just at a different price point. I'm just looking at all the Steam games in my library that I would not have time to play :)

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It really depends on what fits your needs, but you have several good options available. Stripe ( is a newer power house, PayPal ( is a solid option that has been around longer, Dwolla ( is a new up and comer with lower fees and some interesting propositions. ...  Continue Reading
Charlene Sampilo

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Thanks for the input Jef! I am familiar with Paypal but not the other 2 you suggested. I will indeed, look more into these. In regards to illustration, my children's books are more picture books rather than illustration. Looking for an illustrator has been a challenge for me too. With pictures, it can be quite exciting breathing life to the subject based on your creativity.

Jef Lippiatt

, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I would agree with you there. My books don't really lend themselves to pictures or I would certainly give that approach more thought. I just finished the rough draft for my next book and they are really starting to pile up without an illustrator. Did you go through a publisher or are you self-publishing the books? If you are self-publishing what service are you using and would you recommend it?

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Hey Anqi,

Sure, that is possible, but its not recommended. There are no disadvantages in getting an ABN anyway - its free, and instant! 

Hope that helps :D