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For a private cloud option, which does more than just file-sharing, Nextcloud is amazing. The biggest obstacle may be the technical part of setting up and maintaining a server, but there are loads of hosted + pre-installed options out there. If you want to try it out, you can go to ...  Continue Reading
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Jerry Evans

Jerry Evans

Also, you can try something from KeepSolid. I use their app It is free and easily will help you to change your location (there are 70+ locations). 

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John Lewis

John Lewis

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Usually more than one anti malware program is better than a single program.

I use Panda Security and Malwarebytes running all the time - dangerous websites are blocked automatically, no malware gets through, and if anything dodgy is opened, it is automatically quarantined.

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We are not a web developer but our website was hacked last year and malicious code added. It crippled our website as it was taken down but lucky we got a new type of insurance called cyber insurance to protect from such an event. We were actually attacked 5 times costing us ...  Continue Reading
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Great question. I don't have all the information, but I can tell you that there are different levels of protection. The main thing is that "HTTP" is the protocol, "HTTPS" directs the URL toward the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
There are several types of SSL, a self-signed certificate (which can ...  Continue Reading
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Peter Jones

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I agree with the above comment.
I used to work in systems support for Telstra and Australia Post. We missed the most important point of backups. It's not the backup that's the issues (thats simple, see above) the real issue is restoring tha data. We found:
1. We did not backup all or correct ...  Continue Reading