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At the heart of any online directory is a database, so having something that is easy to load business listings from both the operator and user perspective is imperative.

You could technically start with a small, standard website, create a sign-up form and manually load listings, however this ...  Continue Reading
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There are many online tools for creating online courses. You have to make sure your material is what your audience is after - that there is a demand for it.  @Jef Lippiatt Would you have any advice you could offer Petra on how to get started and how to structure her online course so it is successful.

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As Deb said it depends on the owner.
A turn-key business might be had by purchasing the franchise but there will be still a lot of work in getting up to speed with the systems.
Your own startup may work just as well by modelling what is best practice initially and then listening to and evolving your business around your particular client base.

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HI, I ran a Business Angel network for two years and there are specific things that Business Angels look for in a potential investment. That you have proven demand and means that you are ahead of your competition for their attention. To give you advice about the next step from what you have written is a challenge, however my first questions are:
- How have you proven the demand? How mnay have you sold?
- How big is the potential market? Does it have international potential?
- What problem are you solving for your customers?
- Who are your competitors?

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Lisa Ormenyessy

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Hi Wajahat,   I have not experience in the HR space per sea, however like all new businesses relationships are going to be your number one referral source for now.  I would be creating some business cards and going to as many netwroking sessions as possible where I could be meeting business owners that are in need of HR advisory.  Good Luck