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Stephanie Gobraiel

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Working on your business is just as important as working in your business, ie client work.

Having a strategic plan which is high level, then that could be broken down into goals then breaking down those goals into chunks makes anything achievable.. That includes upskilling, implementing or improving processes, business growth and more. 
​​​​​​​Even if you have one goal per month and your achieving it, that's counted moving forward and making progress in business.

Hatty Bell

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Thanks @Stephanie Gobraiel - great to hear your insight

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Hey Shawn, thanks for your question. Can you first tell us more about your business? I think training programmes vary depending on your business.

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Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas

Like any student, you can try to start from an easy job, like system administrator and watch and learn, meet people and then you will understand what and how you are organized in this area and where you would like to go. For example, I want to be a professional writer, so now I use every opportunity to improve my skills. I help students on unique article writing service, where a lot of young writers like me, help with any college assignments.

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An hour is enough for me. I've only taken one on being a Master of Ceremonies. The challenge for me was keeping present when there's a screen in front of me.

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Steve Osborne

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Definitely 1 day a week for five weeks, rather than five classes in five days. And that assumes the class is for no more than 2 hours per session. There is no way everyone will attend over 5 consecutive eight hour days.
The reasoning is that no-one has a week where they don't have some commitment they ...  Continue Reading
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Melanie Gray

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I will likely sign up for an online course if I have seen testimonials and have heard positive feedback from real people I know.

Or if I know the person professionally (which sometimes mean I have developed a relationship with them over social media)

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Steven Freeman

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I firmly believe a mix of both is best.
If you're targeting businesses in your local area, then local physical related events would rate higher, particularly when starting out.

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Jef Lippiatt

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I would recommend, Codecademy (, Code ( and Team Treehouse ( Team Treehouse isn't free but they do offer a 7-day free trial and I've heard good things from others that have used it. But full disclosure, I haven't used that service myself. I hope that is helpful.

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Nick Cavarretta

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I would start following what MOZ come out with and watching Whiteboard Friday videos. I will also +1 Udemy and also has a lot of videos worth watching. Another great educational source is Coursera.