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Denis Homez

hi, How much would be budget to advertise our web-platform the site is market place where people can find required service contractors and prod suppliers to theirs make home better can u give 3 scenarios min, aver, max and what kind of audience we can reach with ur approach & strategy i would appreciate ur helpCheers, Denisc, CEO+64212355050

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Really depends on your target market. Youtube is the new age version version of "free to air TV". Apps like Stan, Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime really push a lot of people away from free to air.

Consumer demographics is a lot more than just age. A lot of people will tell you that Youtube ...  Continue Reading
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The cost to create a 30-second tv ad can be as low as a few thousand dollars or as high as in the millions.
It depends on what you’re creating.

A simple product shot with a voice over should be affordable for small businesses, provided you don’t use a superstar’s voice. But ...  Continue Reading
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It all really depends on the ROI - Return on Investment.  If for say, you were to make $10,000 by speding $1000, how much would you throw at it  So, do your research, look for honest answers on ROI and choose accordingly.