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Housing makes a good analogy to explain how these relate to one another:

Hopefully, this helps explain the different pricing. Shared hosting is the bottom tier, and is most appropriate for small sites which don't get much traffic. You're only renting a fraction of the server resources, ...  Continue Reading
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Hi Phil, I've thought hard about this one as I manage a web hosting co.s Partner Program :)

This is what I have discovered by talking to our existing and prospective partners, in no particular order.

Peace of mind. They want their client websites to be looked after, issues resolved ...  Continue Reading
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Here are some tips for you.

1) Perform A/B Testing Frequently.
2) Reduce the Number of Website Pages.
3) Include Attractive CTAs.
4) Pay Attention to Website Security.
5) Beware of 404 Errors.
6) Use Adequate Images and Videos, but Provide Ample Whitespace.
7) Focus on the Flow.
8) Colors Matter.
9) Make It Responsive and Easy to Navigate
10) Faster Loading Times Are a Must
11) Conduct Site and Usability Audits

Example website Dynamics Square

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Good question. With more and more businesses going online, you need to consider the domain name for your website early on when you’re brainstorming business names to register. I’d argue that your business name, and subsequently your domain name is more important than your domain extension.
Between ...  Continue Reading
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I would personally stay away from any domain names that are COM, NET or ORG. Everything else is just a marketing upsell and no one really uses them. Just search in Google for example... nearly all of the sites ranking will have the domain endings like the ones above.

If you need help coming up with a domain name, try using any of these domain name generators .

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webhosting is cheap. as Meng said, depends on the number of visitors you believe you will have.
Most webhosting packages will give you unlimited email addresses, disk space and pretty much everything unlimited. You need to read the fine print though as "Unlimited" doesn't mean unlimited. There are limits ...  Continue Reading