A Customer Said They Only Pay By Credit But We Don't Accept Them
A Price For Consulting Business To Do Books, Receipts In Xero

4 accounts with 1 being Paypal. Also BAS and EOF Year Profit and Loss. No employees. Sole Trader.

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After the sale of your business, what drives you these days?

I'm curious what goes through your mind after you've achieved so much. How did you figure out what was next and what you were going to do with yourself?

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Am I better off borrowing with the same bank or should I cultivate relationships with several banking institutions?
Am I entitled to uniform allowance to meet the new dress code standard introduced?

My management has recently introduced a dress code being effective immediately.  Should I now receive a laundry or uniform allowance?   

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An Online Survey, Have Your Say And Help Me Understand You Better

Hi All, I am conducting a  short survey and would love anyone and everyone to participate. If I can get answers from the SavvySME forum I can at least guarantee the answers come from real Australians. :) Last time you shopped at a major appliance retailer (The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey) 1.  Did you trust the sales person?      a) Yes      b) Maybe (A little)      c) No 2.  How much did you rely on the sales person’s advice?      a) Lots      b) A little      c) None 3.  Did you feel confident with your purchase?      a) Yes      b) No Thanks in advance for anyone who participates :)  

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Any advice from anyone who has used post planner. Did you find it useful? Was it worth the subscription?

I'm wondering if I should invest in it or is there a better program out there.

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Any Australian agencies to help sell a website advertising space?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you guys know any agencies that will help you sell website advertising space even if you're a smaller blog/website.  

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