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Top services offered by advertising agencies

Online advertising

Online advertising

Create one-off of regular ad campaigns for search engines, social media and display ads. 

FROM $1,100



Advertise your business in online and offline directories and local listings. 

FROM $29

Newspaper advertisements

Newspaper advertisements

Create newspaper ads and place them in national and local papers according to your target audience. 

FROM $480

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising

Create ads for mobile apps, videos and mobile banner ads. 

FROM $150

Magazine advertisements

Magazine advertisements

Advertise in magazines and other printed publications such as catalogues, brochures and newsletters. 

FROM $500

TV advertisements

TV advertisements

Create TV ads and advertise on appropriate channels on free-to-air, digital or online TVs. 

FROM $1,500

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising

Create outdoor advertising to promote your business including print and digital billboards, banners, posters and transit advertising. 

Radio advertising

Radio advertising

Create radio campaigns and advertise on suitable radio stations to reach your target audience. 

FROM $170

Text message advertising

Text message advertising

Send SMS ad campaigns on popular platforms like Google and Apple messaging services. 

FROM $80

Direct advertising

Direct advertising

Advertise in handouts, letters, flyers and other printed materials distributed door to door. 

FROM $300

Average hourly rate for Advertisers in Australia

min rate $37 - $101 max rate

  • Cyclone Communications Pty. Ltd.
    Cyclone Communications Pty. Ltd.

    ABN: 17007390212



    We’re a Creative Agency that believes in the power of community. Our approach to every creative challenges is underpinned by the belief that the community at the heart of your brand, has an incredibly powerful voice to drive meaningful change. We believe brands who see the world through this community lens are able to foster a greater sense of belonging, connection, trust and loyalty among the people they serve. It’s this unique belief and community point of view that helps the brands we work with inspire, enrich and empower their customers through creativity & content. We're incredibly proud of our team and to be collaborating with some of Australia's most iconic brands. This winning formula has helped us be named one of Australia's top 30 "Mover & Shaker" agencies for two years in a row by Campaign Brief. 2019 2020


    ABN: 37166806051



    AnyBusiness is a dedicated business broking site, run by specialists from the business broking field. We are different because we are not a real estate site that has evolved into a business for sale site, instead we established solely for the business broking industry. We provide a pure platform for those consumers interested in buying a business so they can easily and quickly find any and every relevant business for sale across the country. We advertise businesses for sale from cafes, restaurants. service stations. motels, hotels, franchises, post offices and many many more.

  • Kreative Machinez
    Kreative Machinez

    ABN: 77127669514


    North Sydney

    We are one of the best SEO company in Kolkata, provides the beneficial service of SEO, SMO, Web Design, Web Development, Content Marketing etc. For more info visit us on our website address....

  • Interplay Media
    Interplay Media

    ABN: 91 149 441 556



    Interplay Media is an Advertising Agency specialising in online publishers, programmatic advertising and Sports & Fitness media. Whether you are a Publisher looking for help monetizing assets, or a client looking to reach a targetted Australian audience - Interplay Media can assist you with your goals.

  • Big Vision Marketing
    Big Vision Marketing

    ABN: 80 370 988 603



    Big Vision Marketing provides a whole suite of digital marketing and search engine optimisation services. Based in Sydney, Australia we focus on custom SEO services and strategies designed to uniquely meet your business' goals and objectives. No matter what your goals are, our SEO specialists and consultants can work with you to identify where your website is compared to your competitors and devise a plan of attack moving forward. Contact us for a free website SEO consultation.

  • Eye Candy Design Australia
    Eye Candy Design Australia

    ABN: 57 124 581 693



    Eye Candy Design is all about the success of your brand. We provide unique creative solutions to a broad range of clientele, from small non-profit organizations to some of Australia's & the globe's largest multi-nationals, including CUB, Siemens, Disney, Sony, Monster Energy, Coles, Air Vanuatu & Origin Energy as well as T2 companies metro Melbourne. Our creative design solutions deliver results. At Eye Candy Design, we identify and develop the optimal tone for your brand to communicate. We do this through our unique market positioning audit, developing creative and compelling visuals to bring your brand to life, giving it a strong, clear voice. With our in-depth knowledge in developing creative and driving strategy, we have helped build some of Australia’s most well known brands. Whether it’s brand identity, packaging, point of sale, promotions or web design that you require, we can help.

  • LBD Marketing
    LBD Marketing

    ABN: 41 148 892 184


    Erskine Park

    LBD Marketing is a boutique marketing agency in Sydney, that specialises in Facebook Advertising, Social Media Management.

  • Street Smart Advertising
    Street Smart Advertising

    ABN: 70255008724


    South Yarra

    We help our clients achieve their business objectives through the most reliable advertising services in Melbourne. Our agency specializes in providing the newspaper, billboards, bus shelters, bus stops, tram and street advertising services. We provide Results-Focused Campaigns with Wide Coverage and Reach all over Melbourne. If you want to increase leads, sales and grow your business, you can contact us. Our agency is dedicated to providing the best advertising services to clients at most competitive rates.

  • Shon Productions
    Shon Productions

    ABN: 95 626 469 744



    Since 2009 we’ve been creating outstanding video productions. From one-off fast-turnaround videos to full series of high production value videos we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a video production provider who cares, gets what you want fast and delivers brilliant content we’re keen to meet and discuss what’s possible… At Shon Productions we exist to create high quality video content that gets you results. Whether you work for a large company and want a provider that makes the video production process smoother... ...or you're the founder of an ambitious startup and are ready to transcend obscurity and supercharge your sales with video content that makes your brand stand out… We’re confident you’ll find Shon Productions is the best video production company you’ve ever worked with.

Advertising Agencies 

Advertising is a powerful tool to reach your target audience and grow your business. It's almost a given that all businesses, regardless of their size, will need to use some form of advertising to elevate their growth.

Have you been wondering how to get ahead in advertising? Perhaps you’re a new business that’s looking to start exploring the best advertising options available to you in your local area, or you could be an established business wanting to gain a fresh perspective on your current advertising techniques. 

Whatever it is you’re looking to do, you’re in the right place.

We’ve covered all the important information you need to find and hire the best advertising agency for your business.

But firstly, let’s recap.

What is advertising?

Advertising is a promotional activity which is used to influence consumer behaviour by persuading them to purchase your products or services. The goal of advertising for businesses is to attract more customers and increase sales.

Who is advertising for?

Advertising is for any business that wants results to accelerate their marketing activities. When done effectively, advertising is a way that businesses can reach customers quicker, generate more sales, promote the business and stay ahead of your competitors. 

What are the benefits of hiring an advertising agency?

In an increasingly competitive market where consumers want to know why they should choose your products or services over a gazillion other brands, hiring an advertising agency can give you a competitive edge. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring an advertising agency:

  • Access to expertise and professional recommendations for your business
  • Develop unique campaigns to compete with competitors 
  • Time and cost-effective 
  • Develop consistency throughout your brand 

As a small business, it can be overwhelming to think about the best ways to tackle advertising and get your business out there in your target market. Working with an advertising agency can give you an upper hand in promoting your business.

What is an advertising agency?

An advertising agency is a team of advertising professionals who are trained in how to plan, create and execute advertisements for your particular business. With a team of people who are experts in particular industries or areas of advertising, an advertising agency knows when, where and how adverts should be delivered to reach your target audience and sell your products or services.

That’s the general gist of an advertising agency, but when you look more closely there are various types of ad agencies you can work with.

What are the different types of advertising agencies?

When you start looking for advertising, you may come across several types of agencies. We’ve broken them down here:

  • Full-service ad agency

A full-service ad agency does what it says on the tin. It has a full team of experts to cover a comprehensive range of services in both digital and traditional advertising channels. 

Who is a full-service ad agency for?

Whatever it is you want to achieve with advertising, a full-service agency has got your back.

  • Traditional ad agency

A traditional agency works predominantly with traditional media forms such as print, television, newspapers and radio. 

Who is a traditional ad agency for?

Traditional agencies are best suited to businesses who want to target a local audience via offline advertising channels such as print, radio and TV. 

  • Digital ad agency

A digital ad agency specialises in advertising in the digital realm, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and marketing automation. A digital ad agency may have some knowledge of traditional advertising, but the online world is their jam. A digital ad team usually consists of online ad specialists, graphic designers, content specialists and web developers.

Who is a digital ad agency for?

A digital ad agency is best suited to businesses that want to target a niche or harder to reach audience due to the advanced targeting capabilities of digital channels. A digital agency is also a great option for companies who are looking to build their overall online presence. 

  • Public relations (PR) ad agency

A PR agency manages the public image and reputation of a business. They will focus on getting appropriate and relevant content featured in the public domain, e.g news, blogs and websites to increase or improve the public awareness of a brand or business.

Who is a PR ad agency for?

A PR ad agency is a great option for enterprise-level businesses who want to focus on elevating the awareness of their brand, particularly for businesses who are regularly in the public view.

  • Social media ad agency

Social media ad agencies focus on all things social media. The team will have the expertise to advertise on all social channels, and they may also have experts in single channels like Facebook and Instagram. As well as social media ad experts, they may also have content producers, a creative team and photographers. 

Who is a social media ad agency for?

Social media ad agencies are a great fit for businesses who have a clear objective such as selling a particular product through a social media platform. 

  • Creative ad agency

A creative ad agency focuses on branding and graphic design for a range of collateral including logos, print materials and business cards. A creative ad agency team usually consists of creatives who look after design and strategists who look after the strategy and execution.

Who is a creative ad agency for?

A creative ad agency is well suited to businesses who want to create new marketing and advertising collateral or businesses who want to refresh their materials to create a cohesive look throughout their brand. 

  • Media buying ad agency

A media buying ad agency specialise in planning and buying media for specific channels, such as a television station, blog or magazine. They establish time frames, estimate budgets, negotiate the price and identify the best target markets and ad placements. A media ad agency typically works with an advertising agency once they’ve designed a campaign to determine the most effective place for the ad to reach the target audience. 

Who is a media buying agency for?

A media buying agency is for businesses who only need to use a single advertising channel. 

What services are offered by advertising agencies?

Regardless of the type of advertising agency you hire, all agencies cover these core areas:

  • Research 
    An advertising agency will work with you to gather and analyse information relating to your business and your products/services. This might include competitor analysis, your position in the market, customer preferences, audience demographics, features of your product/service, etc.
  • Planning
    The planning stage is when an agency uses the research and analysis to carefully plan advertising strategies and/or campaigns. The research is essential in determining which channels will be most effective for a particular campaign. An agency determines the key objectives and outcomes of a strategy/campaign in the planning stage.
  • Creation
    The creation stage is when the plan is put into action and brought to life through copywriting, videos, graphics and other creative media. The team combines creativity and strategy and may produce variations and alternatives of a campaign.
  • Media selection
    Media selection is really important as it affects the impact and the cost of advertising. During this process, an agency evaluates which combination of media channels will be most effective in terms of cost and target audience exposure.
  • Budgeting
    A good agency will ensure that your spends are as cost-effective as possible by allocating the right budget to the different areas of a campaign. They’ll evaluate and provide an estimate of exactly where your funds will go and the expected ROI.
  • Coordination
    Advertising agencies coordinate the launch of a campaign right the way through until the end. An agency ensures that the timing for a campaign launch and the content delivered to align with your business and your consumers.

What’s the difference between an advertising agency and a marketing agency?

While there are several crossovers, the difference between an advertising agency and a marketing agency is in their service offerings.

Advertising is a subset of marketing and advertising agencies specialise in creative communication programs such as ad campaigns. Marketing agencies, on the other hand, offer a much broader and consultative approach to develop strategies that align with the long term business objectives and goals.

How do I hire the best advertising agency for my business?

When hiring an advertising agency, it’s important to hire an agency who can share and work towards your vision. At the same time, a good agency should be able to offer their expertise in a way that can give you a fresh perspective and on what successful advertising could look like for your business.

Here are some key considerations to hire the best advertising agency for your business:

  • Get clear on your goals as a business 
  • Research and review case studies
  • Make sure they measure results 
  • Ensure the advertising agency understands your goals
  • Determine a budget together 

How much do advertising agencies charge in Australia?

Advertising fee structures vary depending on the type of campaign, media outlets, campaign duration, integrated services, etc. Generally, advertising fees are broken as follows:

  • Service fees
    Agencies charge a set hourly fee for account management, creating adverts, buying media, etc. They also charge a markup or handling charge on the services they buy in, such as hiring a photographer to shoot the images for a campaign. A service fee reflects all work that’s been done by the agency and is billed at the end of the set period.
  • Project fees
    A project fee is a fixed fee that covers all costs and time needed for a specific project or campaign work. Unlike service fees, this is an agreed fee set prior to commencing any work.
  • Commission fees
    Agencies sometimes charge a percentage of the money spent on media such as newspapers which reflects the time and money it costs to create and administer a campaign.
  • Combined structure fee
    A combined structure is a mixture of service, project and commission fees based on the advertising result such an increase in sales or leads generated. 

Ready to hire an advertising agency? Tell us about your business and we’ll help you find the best advertisers specialised for your industry. 

You can also compare our range of offers on advertising software and tools, which have been curated with small businesses in mind.