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Top services offered by business advisory firms

Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Review and develop a plan of action to achieve your long-term business goals. 

FROM $600

Cash flow management

Cash flow management

Analyse and improve your cash flow management with clever and strategic advice. 

Performance management

Performance management

Track, analyse and improve the performance of your process, employees or your entire business. 

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

Find or refine your unique selling proposition (USP) to give your business a competitive edge. 

Business structure

Business structure

Get advice on choosing the right structure for your business model or how to restructure your business. 

Risk management

Risk management

Gain insight from experienced business advisors to manage and mitigate business risks. 

Time management

Time management

Maximise your time and increase productivity levels across your business. 

Financial reporting

Financial reporting

Streamline and manage your financial reporting to comply with industry standards. 

Organisational design

Organisational design

Improve efficiency and remove bottlenecks in your organisational structure, process, systems and workflow. 

Asset protection

Asset protection

Restructure, insure and legally safeguard your business assets. 

Business growth

Business growth

Steer your business in the right direction for short and long-term growth. 

Process automation

Process automation

Transform or improve the efficiency of your processes with smart technology-enabled automation strategies. 

Budgeting and forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting

Get advice on budgeting and forecasting strategies and tools to get better results. 

Technology management

Technology management

Review, upgrade and manage your technology and systems. 

Financial restructuring

Financial restructuring

Overhaul your finances and restructure your financial systems and processes for growth. 

Average hourly rate for Business Advisors in Australia

min rate $74 - $361 max rate

  • Virtual Associate Services
    Virtual Associate Services

    ABN: 49239940227

    Business Management


    Hi, I'm Stephanie Gobriael, and I am your Virtual Associate. I am the secret weapon that can help your business get ahead! With my 15 years of experience in the Corporate and Retail industries, it has given me a wealth of knowledge and background, for more info please visit my LinkedIn Profile - I created Virtual Associate Services to provide quality virtual assistance to businesses, whatever their needs. I work with business owners to provide Executive Assistant, Online Business Manager and Client Relationship Management services. I am committed to giving you more time back to work on and in your business by providing effective and reliable support. Book in a free 30 minute consultation today to discuss your business pain points and how I can help you resolve them. Please visit

  • VA Institute of Australia
    VA Institute of Australia

    ABN: 30635160100

    Business Management


    Established in 2017 by Ingrid Bayer, The VA Institute is your go-to resource for education and training, providing hands-on, practical support for you in this exciting stage of your career / business life. All our programs are focused on setting yourself up for absolute excellence from the outset. We take you beyond the basics and into the realm of what it takes to be ahead of the rest – the top of your game! The VA Institute offers: • Training • Coaching • Mentoring • Retreats • Keynotes • …and customised programs to suit individual requirements

  • Vivid Computers
    Vivid Computers

    ABN: 51049656639

    Business Management


    Vivid Computers (Grange) is one of the most trusted computer stores in Adelaide offering reliable PC repairs, computer virus removal solutions and hardware supplies at competitive prices. We are an industry qualified computer technician team and licensed suppliers of branded and built to order computers, modems and servers specifically designed for both personal and business use. Call Us : +61 883552898, 0458343379 Opening Hours: 9 – 5 M to F. Tuesdays and Thursdays Open till 7PM.

  • New World Funding
    New World Funding

    ABN: 26169670679

    Business Management


    New World Funding Australia's alternative to Bank Loans. New World Funding offers easy Finance solutions, Short-term Finance, Mortgage Loans, Bridging Loans, Commercial loans, Debtor Finance and Construction funding solutions. Visit our website:- New World Funding Australia's alternative to Bank Loans. New World Funding offers easy Finance solutions, Short-term Finance, Mortgage Loans, Bridging Loans, Commercial loans, Debtor Finance and Construction funding solutions. Visit our website:- Contact us:- 0477007879, 0409470021

  • Ms Virtual Assistant
    Ms Virtual Assistant

    ABN: 84712275975

    Business Management


    Ms Virtual Assistant is an Australian based virtual assistant company. We focus on making sure your routine, but highly-important, administration tasks are completed efficiently, focusing on the administration side of your business and allowing you to spend more time with your clients. Our team of virtual assistants ensures that the quality of work we provide is of the highest standard, and because we are passionate about the services we offer, you will always receive professional service with high attention to detail. We offer virtual assistant services such as - Diary management - Email management - General administration - Marketing administration - Event administration - Design administration

  • Perth Tile & Grout
    Perth Tile & Grout

    ABN: 93932458769

    Business Management


    Welcome to Deluxe Tile Cleaning Services in Perth. Clean flooring is compatible with a healthy home. To help you achieve the same, we have a variety of compelling tools. These tools and machines can effectively remove oils, soils, spots, dirt build-ups and stains. Furthermore, sturdy high pressure and uprooting techniques are used to make your floor look completely marvellous. We also offer Bathroom Tile Cleaning, Commercial Tile Cleaning, Concrete floor Cleaning Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting, Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning, Floor Grout Cleaning. call us for the best solutions.

  • Yoti Australia Pty Limited
    Yoti Australia Pty Limited

    ABN: 49634795841

    Business Management


    Yoti is an identity checking system that allows organisations to verify who people are, online and in person. We are a team of 230 based in London, with offices in Mumbai and staff in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We count over 5. 5 million installs of the Yoti app, following our launch in November 2017. For consumers, it’s an app that helps them prove who they are and confirm the identities of others. We distinguish ourselves with our approach to privacy and security, so the system has been architected so that it's impossible for us to monetise users personal data (see our FAQs for technical detail). The app is in the app stores. The set-up involves a four-minute process, where you link your facial biometrics to your phone and validate against your driving license/passport. Identities are verified using NIST approved facial recognition technology, government issued identity documents and where possible, biometric passport chips.

  • Cranbourne Signs Pty Ltd
    Cranbourne Signs Pty Ltd

    ABN: 77627828773

    Business Management

    Cranbourne West

    Melbourne based Cranbourne Signs is a known name when it comes to experts in sign, design and print-related services. With a team of experts, Cranbourne Signs sees to it that their customer’s requirements are matched, and they deliver the services as expected by their customers. Cranbourne Signs provides services such as Signage, Printing, Vehicle Wraps, Design, Fabrication, and T-Shirt Printing. Whatever services you need to build your brand, Cranbourne Signs can provide you with that. Melbourne based Cranbourne Signs is a known name when it comes to experts in sign, design and print-related services. With a team of experts, Cranbourne Signs sees to it that their customer’s requirements are matched, and they deliver the services as expected by their customers.

  • Rose Davidson
    Rose Davidson

    ABN: 24204936882

    Business Management

    Risdon Vale

    Helping Speakers Transition to an Online Business. Rose Davidson is a young at heart, fun-loving woman who is a little on the unconventional side. She has a ‘no-nonsense no ‘fluff’ attitude however, a kind and caring heart and personality to match. Sounds like a bit of a paradox, but true. With more than 35 years of experience in high-level admin roles; both in the public and private sector; her career portfolio spans federal government, sporting organisations and small business ownership. Tiring of the corporate world in 2014, she started her business, DOES Biz, in 2015, promoting the administration services that she could provide female entrepreneurs; however, this did not light her up. In 2020, Rose changed the focus of her business as her passion lies in being visually creative and she now offers services that fulfil this passion to speakers, trainers, workshop facilitators, and more.

Business Advisors

Is there any greater teacher of learning how to juggle a gazillion things at once than running a business? Quite frankly, running a business is hard work. 

As a business owner, it’s you who to call the shots. And it can often feel overwhelming trying to ensure that all of the moving parts of your business run smoothly. 

Enter the business advisor. 

You’ve probably heard of business coaches, business consultants and financial advisors, but what exactly is a business advisor, and do you need one for your small business? 

Let’s take a look.

What is a business advisor?

A business advisor works alongside a business owner to assist with strategy, planning, business development, finances, marketing and more. They provide business owners with information, insights and ideas about how to run a business more effectively and make it more profitable. 

In essence, a business advisor lends their knowledge and expertise wherever it’s needed to help your business flourish and perform at its best.

Who needs a business advisor?

Hiring a business advisor can be one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to navigate your business through challenges, or simply steer it in the right direction. 

Here are just some of the many reasons why a business may hire a business advisor:

  • Assist with one-off problems
    As a business owner, you are often faced with one-off issues and challenges. Sometimes all it takes is some expert advice to guide you safely through to the other side. Hiring a business advisor can be a very effective and cost efficient way to do so. 

    For example, if you are thinking about restructuring your business and have no prior experience, a business advisor will present you with a range of important things you need to consider and the relevant steps you need to take. 
  • Assist with ongoing help
    You may also have ongoing needs, issues or challenges that require more long term assistance, or you may just want someone to turn to when it comes to tackling those tricky and important decisions. 

Both small and large companies can benefit from hiring a business advisor for ongoing help. They will get to know the ins and outs of how your business works, shed light on things you may not have been aware of, anticipate future problems and find solutions.

What does a business advisor do?

Put simply, a business advisor is an outside expert hired to help you solve problems, overcome challenges and make the best possible decisions for your business. 

Business advisors are very skilled and knowledgeable in overall business or niche areas of business, and can lend you a helping hand wherever it’s most needed. 

Here are some examples of what a business advisor can do:

  • Monitor your business against the competitor market to establish business development strategies
  • Recommend changes to improve sales and marketing results
  • Research and advise changes to your overall business strategy to improve performance 
  • Analyse your business requirements
  • Prepare quality assurance reports and processes
  • Advice on budgeting and prepare budgets
  • Devise and execute a marketing a strategy to promote new products or services

What are the benefits of hiring a small business advisor?

As well as the practical benefits discussed above, hiring a small business advisor has many other benefits, including:

  • You gain a outside perspective and opinion
  • You can make better business plans
  • You develop and expand your skills as an entrepreneur
  • You gain time to focus on other areas of the business
  • You get professional expertise 
  • You will improve your decision making skills

What are the different types of business advisors?

Business advisors are categorised into two groups: general business advisors and specialised business advisors. 

Nowadays, there are business advisors of almost every niche. Specialised business advisors have a rightful place, but they’re not always necessary. 

Let’s take a closer look at each type of business advisor so you can decide which one is best for you

General Business Advisors
A general business advisor is a strategist who has the expertise and knowledge to cover all aspects of a business. They can help you with both one-off and ongoing issues and can assist you with the overall operation of a business.

Financial Advisors
A financial advisor, also known as a financial planner, can assist you in developing a financial strategy for your business. They can also help you make informed decisions on important financial issues including investment opportunities, retirement planning, superannuation and financial risk management. Financial advisors are the supporting pillar for many businesses.

A consultant is an expert in a particular field who can provide expertise in certain areas of your business such as marketing, IT, human resources, operations, etc. 

An accountant provides professional advice and services to ensure your business accounts are in good shape. Accountants are one of the most popular types of business advisors used by small businesses, offering advice and services including:

  • Tax 
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Financial statements
  • Managing finances
  • Income, deductions and concessions
  • PAYG and superannuation obligations 
  • Legal Experts 

Legal Experts
A legal expert provides businesses with professional legal advice relating to all aspects of running a business. From employee disputes, choosing or changing your business structure, debt, legal contracts and protecting your intellectual property, every business will need to get legal advice at some stage along the business lifecycle. 

Insurance Brokers
An insurance broker helps you get the right insurance policy to manage your business’s assets and legal liability. It’s crucial to ensure you have adequate and sufficient insurance policies to protect your business as a result of accidents, employee misconduct and liability claims among others. 

Businesses consult insurance brokers to help you make the right choices, negotiate with insures on your behalf and get the best value insurance package for your business.

How do I find a good business advisor?

Hiring a business advisor can be a significant asset to your business, but the question is… “How do I find a good business advisor?”

Here are some top tips to find a good business advisor for your small business.

  • Look into their experience
    Which businesses have they worked with in the past? For how long have they worked as a business advisor? It’s important to gauge the level of experience they have to ensure you are getting quality advice.
  • Be aware of credentials
    Credentials, licensing and degrees certainly don't qualify someone to give expert advice, but it’s worth being aware of. Anyone can set themselves up as a business advisor or consultant, so be wary of their qualifications and professional experiences.
  • Find an advisor who has worked with small businesses
    Small businesses are very different to large companies and corporations. Small businesses experience unique challenges and it’s important that an advisor understands them. Aim to find an advisor who has worked with small businesses in the past.
  • Ask for referrals
    Word of mouth still stands as one of the best forms of advertising, so ask around in your professional network and social circles for recommendations.
  • Discuss your business and industry before you hire
    During the hiring process, make sure you explain your industry and business in depth to ensure they know who and what they’re working. An advisor who thoroughly understands your industry will be able to provide the best possible advice. 

How much does it cost to hire a business advisor?

Business advisors fees are either on an hourly or retainer agreement depending on whether you hire one off or ongoing advisory services.

To give you an idea, the average cost to hire a business advisor in Australia ranges from $50 to $150 per hour. 

Are you ready to hire a business advisor? Tell us a bit about your business and we’ll introduce you to the best business advisors in your area.

You can also browse out Q&A section below, or ask a question and get an answer from an expert business advisor in the SavvySME community.