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Top services offered by content marketing agencies



Create blog strategy, build following, create and manage content, generate sales and leads from your blog.  

FROM $120



Edit your communications such as articles and reports, whether in print, email, or online.  

FROM $500

Ghost writing

Ghost writing

Use ghost writers for any type of content from blogs and press releases to e-books and infographics.  

FROM $150



Proofread your communications by checking grammar, local lingo and context.  

FROM $40

Sales copywriting

Sales copywriting

Effective copywriting for your website, printed materials and other types of content that generate leads or sales.  

FROM $250

SEO writing

SEO writing

Write SEO-friendly content with highly targeted keywords that will attract readers and increase organic ranking.  

FROM $300

Technical writing

Technical writing

Technical writing for instruction manuals, educational content, research, whitepapers, etc.  

FROM $400



Transcribe notes, video and audio recordings into new forms such as reports, articles and infographics.  

FROM $49



Translate between languages for all your communication materials.  

FROM $150

Average hourly rate for Content Marketing Experts in Australia

min rate $45 - $115 max rate

  • Visionair Media
    Visionair Media

    ABN: 21158160028

    Content Marketing


    Specialising in business and corporate media production and marketing, we pride ourselves on creating unique marketing concepts, whilst creating the images and engaging video that very few media agencies are able to achieve. Our services cover a broad spectrum of requirements for your business. We work alongside our clients; attentively listening to their needs and transforming their ideas into reality. With a dedicated team of expert marketers, photographers and video production experts, Visionair employs the most pioneering and innovative techniques to ensure that the expectations of our customers are continually exceeded. With our friendly approach, enhanced expertise and ground breaking equipment, we guarantee to deliver the best results in the industry.

  • Soak Creative
    Soak Creative

    ABN: 99100248191

    Content Marketing


    Soak Creative is a fully immersive creative design and digital marketing agency. With a focus on innovation, excellence, and getting results for our clients, we unite the best professional minds in Brisbane under one full service banner – digital, brand, creative, development, design, strategy and online marketing, we do it all. I guess you could say we do agency differently.We don’t believe in templates or easy answers. We won’t look for short-cuts or create fad-based strategies. We qualify innovation, adopting best practice principles across the business as fresh approaches emerge, delivering creative results and audience-grabbing executions across every channel and avenue. We believe every project, regardless of its size, scope and length, requires a holistic and consistent creative vision, carefully steering development through the messaging and information process, ensuring all communication stays on-tone and on- target.

  • Site Analyticz
    Site Analyticz

    ABN: 33603492860

    Content Marketing


    A Complete digital marketing agency providing - SEO, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Google ads, Facebook lead generation. We will create your branded videos every month along with the package. We believe that effective marketing requires videos for the business for proper engagement. We follow Six Sigma Marketing Approach which involves - Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. Our Aim is to be - No.1 Customer Centric Digital Marketing Agency where we put customer first approach. We feel awarded when you get business.

  • Beam Creative Brands
    Beam Creative Brands

    ABN: 32606125177

    Content Marketing


    Beam Creative is the right choice for your brand auditing. We will help you to find the loophole that your business is facing and our creative team will help you to solve all the problems that arise.We will give you complete reports of your competitors, your customers, and their buying behavior.Beam Creative will make your brand integrity from a consumer’s perspective. We provide all medium of platform to grow your brand image. Content has become an important part in digital marketing. Without content, it is quite impossible to get quality leads. To get maximum benefits, you should make sure that you choose the right content marketing agency.For some details visit our website


    ABN: 71 601 353 351

    Content Marketing


    SLiM DIGITAL has grown from a one client operation in the Northern Territory, to today being an industry leader in Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing servicing clients across Australia. The SLiM DIGITAL team is a concentrated network of proven contractors ready to take on any task. This allows for the flexibility to achieve all the marketing tasks that a client may require yet the agility to remain focused on core work. Through natural growth and demand to offer a full suite of services to suit a client’s needs, SLiM DIGITAL specialises in the following services: - Strategic Marketing Plans - Fully Integrated Marketing Plans - Digital Marketing Plans - Branding Identity - Business Consulting and planning - Websites - Fully Integrated Marketing Plans - Full Digital Marketing Management (includes emails, blogs and AdWords) - Social Media Management - Facebook Advertising

  • The Change Makers Collective
    The Change Makers Collective

    ABN: 34613618232

    Content Marketing


    Are you attracting clients you dread working with? Losing market share to a new competitor? Feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and stressed? In need of out-of-the-box thinking? At The Change Makers your brand is our obsession! We help businesses reconnect with their purpose so they can attract and serve their ideal clients Whether you’re a solo practitioner, ambitious entrepreneur or an established firm or clinic - we’ll help you get unstuck and grow the business you look forward to running. To do this we use the scientific method to help you make reliable predictions and build your brand success roadmap We’ve helped clients: - Grow their annual profits by 20% in a week (without cutting costs) - Fill their diaries with their ideal clients - Create passive revenue streams - Get their life back in balance - Inspire change in their industry

  • Belgrin

    ABN: 26600077852

    Content Marketing


    Belgrin is class, and class is a quality of its own. It speaks to your sense of the irresistible, in everything we do, in branding, web design, content and social media or events, we achieve the outstanding, so that you stand out. We bring depth to your vision, life to your brand, and a strategy that makes your marketing amazing.Simply put we’re a creative agency specialising in branding slash marketing and we’re bloody good at it and have the portfolio and track record to back it up. Belgrin has existed for over a decade and continues to work with many of the same clients who were around to see us burst into life. We're proactive, dedicated, collaborative, interactive, smart and hard-working.

  • Jordan Zhao
    Jordan Zhao

    ABN: 36 847 662 217

    Content Marketing


    Digital Marketing & Copywriting Services. I help businesses grow by acquiring more customers with their online marketing. Specialties include web copy, email copy, and landing pages. The copywriting approach I take is focused on customer research, consumer psychology, and conversion-centric. The most important part of any business is being able to effectively deliver their message to the right audience. Allowing you to sell your product or service to the consumers that it will deliver the best value to.

  • Suits and Sneakers
    Suits and Sneakers

    ABN: 43136401075

    Content Marketing


    Suits&Sneakers; is a collective of global strategists (suits) and creatives (sneakers) for the marketing and advertising industry. We guarantee the work will be world class before you begin. Fixed project fees. We can help with everything from marketing strategy, research, brand strategy, branding, web strategy, web design and development, media strategy (independent), creative strategy, creative development, big ideas, product strategy, retail strategy, communications strategy, media liaison, content creation of all kinds, video, photography, illustrations, animation, visual effects, audio production, music composition, digital marketing, and specialist LinkedIn marketing automations. We are awarded for it as a winner of Westpac 200 Businesses of tomorrow. Our founder is a finalist for B&T Women in Media Entrepreneur of the year 2019 and Australian Marketing Institute Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year 2019 (pending results).

Content Marketing Experts

Professional writers will work with you to make your business communication more effective. By understanding your business and your audience, they will step into your shoes and use their expertise to craft language which is more compelling to your potential customers.

What should I do before engaging a copywriter, content writer or blogger?

The very first thing you should do is ask yourself: who am I speaking to? The answer to that question defines every other part of the writing process. Professional writers of all kinds will ensure that they pitch their writing style, their diction and their subject difficulty to match the intended audience. By doing some preparation to determine who that audience is, you allow your writer to jump right in and get to work.

You should also think about the purpose of the writing you need. Do you want sales or more website visitors? Is it important to incorporate SEO techniques to assist your search engine marketing? Where will the finished writing be appearing?

Providing the answers to these questions upfront will help a potential writer know if they are the right fit for you.

What does the writing process usually look like?

Every writer is different, so it's wise to discuss the writing process with them on the first engagement to ensure you are both on the same page.

In almost all cases, you will need to provide your writer with a brief. The brief should include:

  • An outline of the key points the writer needs to make
  • An example of the writing style(s) that you like
  • An explanation of the purpose of the writing and what action (if any) you would like the reader to make
  • The intended audience
  • The amount of words required

This will provide enough background for your writer to produce a first draft. After drafting, you will need to review the draft in detail and provide feedback if it requires editing. Most writers expect 1 or 2 rounds of editing, so if you are unclear or do not go into sufficient detail with your feedback you may find they charge you extra for further rewriting. To avoid this, discuss how they will handle rewriting and how many rounds of editing will be permissible before the project begins.

What are some common mistakes when hiring a copywriter, content writer or blogger?

  • Assuming they know what you know: your writer can't read your mind, so it's important to go into as much detail as you possibly can about your business and the purpose of using their writing
  • Not having clear expectations and goals: while it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you need before seeing a draft, having unclear or uncertain goals is bound to lead to more rewriting
  • Not discussing fees: every writer will have their own protocol for dealing with additional rewriting, and if you don't discuss it with them upfront you may wind up with an invoice you didn't expect
  • Not providing detailed feedback: it's not enough to simply say we want it to be punchier, you need to go over the writing with a fine tooth comb and indicate what works, what doesn't work and why