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Average hourly rate for Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia

min rate $94 - $246 max rate

  • Market Your Biz
    Market Your Biz

    ABN: 33603492860

    Digital Marketing

    Bella Vista

    A Complete digital marketing agency providing - SEO, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Google ads, Facebook lead generation, Virtual Assistant. We will create your branded videos every month along with the package. We believe that effective marketing requires videos for the business for proper engagement. We follow Six Sigma Marketing Approach which involves - Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. Our Aim is to be - No.1 Customer Centric Digital Marketing Agency where we put customer first approach. We feel awarded when you get business.

  • OnQ Marketing
    OnQ Marketing

    ABN: 24662215994

    Digital Marketing


    You’re going to read a lot of these bios, so we’ll keep this brief. OnQ is a boutique digital marketing agency, driving client growth through search, content strategy and automation. According to business insights firms Clutch and Manifest, we’re one of the top digital agencies in Australia. What sets us apart? We crush objectives like the big guys, but without the eye-watering price tag and annoying marketing guff. We’re fast, cost-efficient and 100% transparent. That’s why our clients tend to stick around (we’ve had most of them for over three years).

  • Price Advertising
    Price Advertising

    ABN: 29096919738

    Digital Marketing


    We opened for business in 1997 and have been going strong ever since. With many years of combined experience in the creative, marketing, advertising, online and social media industries, we can tackle any task - big or small. Being one of the smaller boutique marketing and advertising agencies in Perth, you will receive a personal and professional service from the people who run the business. Our aim is to develop a strong partnership with a select number of key clients. This will ensure that we have a close understanding of your business and are able to provide the best level of service. We offer Marketing advice & strategy, Advertising & Graphic design, Web design, SEO and PPC, Social media management, Media planning and buying, TV Advertising, Radio Advertising and Out of Home Advertising. At Price Advertising we will ensure that your message hits the mark with your target markets. Every time.

  • ROI Connect
    ROI Connect

    ABN: 48734189089

    Digital Marketing


    ROI Connect is a subsidiary of, born from the specific needs of our small business customers. We strive to service Australia’s small business market to increase online visibility within the fastest timeframe possible.

  • The Marketing Strategy Company
    The Marketing Strategy Company

    ABN: 24304937295

    Digital Marketing


    We believe effective Marketing must have 3 things: Insight. Ideas and Implementation. The Marketing Strategy Company works with Businesses and Professional Practices to develop, blend and implement digital, lead generation and social media marketing strategies that helps them acquire, grow and retain more customers. We specialise in working with Small to Medium IT, Technology and Wholesale Businesses and Professional Service Firms like Lawyers, Accountants, Architects and Engineers.

  • Prosperity Media
    Prosperity Media

    ABN: 77259643667

    Digital Marketing

    Surry Hills

    Prosperity Media is based in Pitt Street Sydney and we have a team of dedicated search and performance media professionals. We work with clients both in Australia and the global market to drive long lasting results from SEO & Content Marketing. We work with clients as an extension of your team, we are not just another agency. We pride our selves on staff training and driving the best results and transparency. If you are interested to talk with our team today call our office on 1300 886 452.

  • Charisma Works
    Charisma Works

    ABN: 25500381633

    Digital Marketing

    Kelvin Grove

    Hi there! I am a digital marketing consultant specialising in social media marketing and SEO. I am the Ex-Digital Marketing Head and Partner of an award-winning, digital marketing agency. Now, I am seeking only a handful of clients to provide one-on-one consultancy services to. Because you’ll be working directly with me, you’ll have access to over 10 years of marketing experience at the fraction of a reputable agency’s cost. Plus, you won’t be handed down to a junior. I pride myself in reliability, pro-activeness, quality of service and of course, a wealth of experience in helping companies build their brands and generate sales online online. Consultancy rates start from $900 per month.

  • Backtobasics Communication Services
    Backtobasics Communication Services

    ABN: 72419055452

    Digital Marketing


    Backtobasic Communication Services is a boutique marketing consultancy based in Brisbane. We provide clients with a personalised approach. We listen and apply that knowledge to develop core strategies and effective marketing tools to achieve your goals. Founder and Marketing Communication Specialist Adriana Summers has over 20 years of experience working as a marketing communication specialist for government and private industries before setting up her own consultancy seven years ago – Backtobasics Communication Services. Adriana's aim is to help companies without inhouse marketing to manage their brand and communicate their story at an affordable price while providing expertise and personalised service. Backtobasic provides services such as strategic marketing plans, social media management, copywriting services for website, blogs, newsletters, brochures and traditional media, plus value-adding through networks. FREE first consultation to review marketing and strategy advice.

  • JumpStart Matrix
    JumpStart Matrix

    ABN: 72053854640

    Digital Marketing


    Online Marketing Consulting Agency. JumpStart Matrix specialises in SEM & SEO ( Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation) on Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. We have experience and we get results... ie Sales, Leads. Forget pretty graphics and g how your site looks.. does your website bring you business? If not- Call us.

  • SponsoredLinX

    ABN: 81124272359

    Digital Marketing

    Fortitude Valley

    SponsoredLinX is Australia's leading online marketing agency, boasting specialist teams dedicated to the areas of AdWords, SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing and App Marketing. Currently addressing the online marketing needs of over 2000 clients SponsoredLinX pride themselves on delivering a truly holistic service.

  • Social Status
    Social Status

    ABN: 70163226846

    Digital Marketing

    Fortitude Valley

    Social Status is a social media reporting tool for marketers. The platform support Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Reports can be exported in PDF, PowerPoint or Google Slides. Our mission is to eliminate the pain of social reporting for every social marketer. That's why we were the first social analytics platform to launch a 100% Free plan. It means we can add value to any marketing professional. Whether you're a freelancer, agency, brand, not-for-profit, Government department or a multinational corporation - we're proud to power social reporting for all marketers.

  • Sydney SEO Consultant - Nick Cavarretta
    Sydney SEO Consultant - Nick Cavarretta

    ABN: 16431728179

    Digital Marketing


    All SEO and Online Marketing service for businesses based in Sydney, NSW. I have been doing Search Engine Optimisation and Advertising since 2008. I have a full client base most of the time, however, I still take on corporate clients, smaller businesses and one off jobs like small website creation or web audits. I also offers customised training packages for traditional marketing teams that want to understand the online space.

Digital Marketing Agencies 

Having a strong digital presence and using digital channels is one of the most effective ways to market your business these days. Whether it’s developing a social media strategy, getting leads and conversions through SEO or creating a paid search campaign, digital marketing offers a huge range of tools to segment the market and speak directly to your target audience.

That all sounds great, but you may be wondering where do I start?

Well, if you’re new to the world of digital marketing, or you’re a small business looking for some digital marketing expertise, hiring a digital marketing consultant or outsourcing to a digital marketing agency is a great way to get the results you want.

But first, let’s cover some of the basics when it comes to finding a digital marketing company to work with.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for any form of marketing that promotes or sells products and services through online and digital channels such as email, search engines, social media and mobile apps. 

In a nutshell, digital marketing is simply marketing designed for today’s world. With the ability to capture and use data (and many other great things the Internet provides), digital marketing offers businesses with a wealth of insights and better audience segmentation compared to traditional marketing. 

Who is digital marketing for?

Digital marketing is for any business that wants to sell, trade or promote products and services online and through digital devices. As people are more connected to their digital devices and spending more time online, most businesses can reap the benefits of investing in digital marketing. With benefits such as lower costs, wider audience reach and more accurate metrics, going digital is the way forward.

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a company that specialises in all things within the digital marketing world. A business can either choose to handle their digital marketing in-house, or they can outsource. Companies with an in-house marketing team may even choose to outsource certain projects to an agency as they have expertise across all digital and online marketing services.

What services does a digital marketing agency offer?

A digital marketing agency offers a full range of digital marketing services including:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing 
  • Online Reputation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Branding
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Management 
  • SMS Marketing 
  • Video Production

With expertise on offer across all areas of digital marketing, agencies take care of the marketing so that you can give your full attention to other areas of the business.

What are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?

The benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency include:

  • Effective budget management 
  • Advanced insights and digital marketing tools
  • Keeping up to speed with the latest trends
  • Expertise from a whole team with various specialisations 
  • The ability to focus on other areas of your business
  • They are accountable for marketing strategies and results
  • Access to more creative ideas to grow your business 

These are just some of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency. Digital marketing is a full-time job, and passing the baton to the experts gives you the breathing space to focus on other areas – and to trust that it’s being done right.

What’s the difference between a digital agency and an advertising agency?

A digital agency focuses more closely on marketing strategy and execution, whereas an advertising agency focuses on creating and executing campaigns. 

Digital marketing agencies:

Small businesses hire digital marketing agencies to help create or improve their digital and online marketing strategies. A full-service digital marketing agency offers all types of digital marketing services. They may offer advertising services but their forte is all things digital, with a focus on digital marketing strategy and execution. Working with a digital agency is usually more long-term as it can take some time to see how successful a strategy is.

Advertising agencies:

Small businesses hire advertising agencies to build and run advertising campaigns, whether digital or traditional. While an advertising agency may offer digital marketing services, they specialise in advertising. Advertising agencies are hired to create powerful and effective advertising campaigns and working with an agency is often project or campaign-based. 

How much do digital marketers charge?

This is an important question that all businesses ask when hiring an agency. And the honest answer is, it really depends.

A good agency will carefully weigh up several things before coming to a price, such as:

  • Your desired goals/outcomes 
  • The quality of your current marketing assets (current data and metrics will need to be provided)
  • The level of competition in your industry and location
  • The level of expertise an agency can provide and the profit they wish to make from the collaboration

It’s really important to note that your engagement with a digital marketing agency should be beneficial for both sides of the table. A good agency will be absolutely certain of your requirements and objectives before offering a price.

How do I allocate a budget for digital marketing?

One of the most common questions asked by startups and small businesses is, how much budget should I allocate for digital marketing?

According to 20/20 Vision: A Marketing Leader’s View of Digital’s Future report, 95% of organisations have raised their digital marketing budget in recent years and 9 out of 10 marketers think this will continue to grow.

So, how do you decide what kind of budget to set? Follow these steps.

1. Create a goal 

While the goal for most businesses will be to increase sales, identify any-sub goals. Do you want to build brand awareness, and if so through increased social media followers? Do you want to increase website traffic, if so by what percentage and what time frame? These are just a couple of examples, but it’s generally better to have a strong presence in a few places than spread yourself thin across every channel.

2. Analyse past digital marketing activities

If you previously worked on any digital marketing campaigns, analyse past results and channel performance. You should be able to identify which channels you can spend budget on and which channels you can afford to miss out.

3. Research prices

Once you’ve identified your goals and the channels you want to use, you can work out the average cost of how much each activity will cost by doing some research and consulting with the agency. For example, if you want to drive website traffic by 40%, how many months of SEO would it take to achieve, or how many paid social media ads would it take?

4. Monitor results

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s extremely measurable with all the analytics tools available. It doesn’t take long to see how well your marketing techniques are performing, or if your money has been well spent. You can even make last-minute changes to your campaigns to make the most out of your budget. 

How to choose a digital marketing agency?

We’ve put together some of the most important things you should consider to ensure you hire the best digital marketing professionals for your business. 

1. Determine your needs and goals

This is an important one. There are loads of talented digital marketers out there, but the right professional will tailor their solution to the unique requirements of your project.

2. Understand their niche and clientele

Some digital marketing companies specialise in certain areas and industries. You are better off hiring professionals that have worked with similar companies or goals rather than those who are new to your type of business.

3. Review their portfolio

A portfolio showcases a digital marketer's achievements and can help you decide whether they will be a good fit for your project.

4. Read reviews from others

Reviews and references from past clients can tell you a lot more about an agency than their website. You could also contact their previous clients to get honest feedback about their work.

5. Get free estimates or quotes

We advise you to get at least 3 quotes from different agencies for a fair comparison. It’s relatively easy to get free estimates or quotes online, especially for B2B services.

7. Compare the total cost

When comparing agencies, make sure to ask about any extra fees such as variation fees, penalties and other fees - it’s always good to cover your back in case of any miscommunication down the track.

8. Assess their values and work ethics

You should find and hire digital marketing agencies that uphold similar values to yours. Values such as integrity, accountability and transparency are essential to a successful project.

9. Make long-term plans

Lastly, try to develop a long-term relationship with your agency. Changing service providers can be costly in time and money in the long run. Look at the overall value you are getting from each quote, instead of the cost you are paying.

Ready to hire a digital marketing expert? Tell us about your project and we’ll find the top digital marketing agencies near you.

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