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Top services offered by insolvency law firms

Alternatives to declaring bankruptcy

Alternatives to declaring bankruptcy

Alternative solutions to bankruptcy such as personal debt agreement personal insolvency agreement. 



Declaring bankruptcy to alleviate pressure from unsecured debts. 

Creditor negotiation

Creditor negotiation

Negotiate a relistic plan with creditors. 



Liquidate your assets to pay your creditors. 



Secured creditor appoint receiver to release your assets and pay your debts. 

Regulatory protection

Regulatory protection

Temporary relief for financially distressed businesses. 

Voluntary administration

Voluntary administration

Administrator to review and recommend to creditors on how to proceed. 

Average hourly rate for Insolvency Lawyers in Australia

min rate $109 - $796 max rate

  • AJH Legal Group
    AJH Legal Group

    ABN: 89150315067



    We are your accredited specialists and expert lawyers – AJH LAWYERS is the only established commercial law firm in Victoria based in the Melbourne CBD, with Law Institute of Victoria accredited specialists in all the areas of Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation and Immigration Law. Contact us today and your confidential enquiry will be directed to the appropriate lawyer for our practice areas including, commercial law, business law, litigation, property and real estate, technology, immigration law, employment law and taxation law and our Melbourne lawyers will speak with you or reply to your email

  • Damien Greer Lawyers
    Damien Greer Lawyers

    ABN: 33 524 876 021



    Damien Greer Lawyers have a reputation for excellence in the family law field. They are one of the state's leading family law firms and are recommended by Doyle's Guide to the Legal Profession. Family law is an increasingly complex area requiring a demanding set of skills and abilities. Skilled matrimonial lawyers need to have broad ranging knowledge across many disciplines as varied as commercial law, taxation law, succession law, insolvency law, property law, trust law and international law. They also need to deal empathetically when children are involved. Damien Greer Lawyers have that skill set.

  • S & V Lawyers
    S & V Lawyers

    ABN: 38 632 093 540


    St Kilda

    Personal Injury Experts. At S & V Lawyers we are uniquely placed given our expertise to fully understand and empathise with the physical, emotional and financial impacts a serious injury can have on your life. Our priority is to ensure that you are fully supported throughout the entirety of your claim with regular communication and clear legal advice. We will assist with any claim barriers, so that you can focus on your recovery. We provide all our services with no upfront or hidden costs

  • Laminar IP - Patent Attorneys
    Laminar IP - Patent Attorneys

    ABN: 32622109442



    Laminar IP is a boutique Intellectual Property firm providing clients with a range of patent, design and trade mark services in Australia and New Zealand. We boast an experienced team of patent and trade mark attorneys that is capable of establishing and managing Intellectual Property rights for individual innovators, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as multinational corporations. As a firm, we are committed to providing high-quality, efficient and cost-effective Intellectual

  • Aylward Game Solicitors
    Aylward Game Solicitors

    ABN: 72 837 422 823


    Spring Hill

    We are serving our client properly with legal advice and professionalism. Aylwardgame is best law firm in Australia because of our client. We will serve our client interest first, our expertise to meet our client TMs exacting needs then they assured that the quality, dependability, accuracy and timeliness. We are working with a team to serve our client professionally. If you need law service don't be hesitate to contact us, our people ready to serve your problem.

  • Open Legal
    Open Legal

    ABN: 76632574979



    OpenLegal provides legal services to Australian businesses. We are outcome focused, and our fixed-fees are cost effective. We provide services around general commercial and corporate law, employment law, commercial contracts, intellectual property, startups, business formation and structuring. OpenLegal is not a traditional law firm. We don’t bill by the hour, we love technology, and we move fast. Most of all, we are relentless in our quest to make legal services accessible to all businesses. OpenLegal provides legal services to Australian businesses. We are outcome focused, and our fixed-fees are cost effective. We provide services around general commercial and corporate law, employment law, commercial contracts, intellectual property, startups, business formation and structuring. OpenLegal is not a traditional law firm. We don’t bill by the hour, we love technology, and we move fast. Most of all, we are relentless in our quest to make legal services accessible to all businesses.

  • Think Conveyancing Sydney
    Think Conveyancing Sydney

    ABN: 68160922387


    Sydney is your local conveyancer. Our offices are located in all major Capital cities around Australia. Why? Because that's where settlements take place and that's how we save you money, by being LOCAL to the settlement centres. Need a conveyancer in Sydney? We help Sydney property buyers and sellers with start-to-settlement care. Give us a call, and we'll be happy to provide a free quote. We help Sydney buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a full-service conveyancing-only law firm, our solicitors top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk. Lawyer Pre-Purchase Contract Review That Discovers Red Flags. Sellers Contract Of Sale & Prescribed Documents Drafting. Affordable With A Guaranteed Fixed Professional Fee. FREE 20-Minute Consultation, Trusted By 23,352+ Australians.

  • AMK Law
    AMK Law

    ABN: 91 709 286 588



    AMK Law is a boutique commercial law firm based in Melbourne. Providing legal solutions for clients across a range of commercial, dispute resolution, litigation and property.

  • ORB lawyers
    ORB lawyers

    ABN: 11 246 567 325


    Christies Beach

    Our aim is always to assist our clients to achieve the best outcome in the circumstances of their case. ORB Lawyers is a boutique law firm situated both on the fringe of the Adelaide city center at Way Ville and in the Southern Adelaide suburb of Christies Beach. We are uncompromising in ensuring that the best interest of your child or children is met. We are family owned and operated servicing Metropolitan Adelaide. We are specialists in family and criminal and wills lawyer Adelaide.

Insolvency Lawyers

There are a number of services which can assist you if you are facing insolvency. These range from business services which assist your company or personal services to assist you as the business owner. If you believe you are heading towards insolvency, you are much better off entering voluntary administration at the earliest possible moment. If you wait until you are ordered into administration you will lose a lot of control over the outcome.

What business insolvency services are available to you?

  • Voluntary administration: if you choose to enter voluntary administration, an administrator will look deeply into your company's financial position and its history. The administrator then makes a recommendation to your creditors about how to proceed. The creditors can decide whether to adopt a Deed of Company Arrangement (if you propose one) or else they can either liquidate your company or return control back to you.
  • Liquidation: if you choose to pay back your creditors by liquidating your company, a liquidator will sell off your assets for the benefit of your creditors. After your company assets are sold, your company will be deregistered and it will no longer exist. The liquidation of an insolvent company must be handled by a Registered Liquidator who is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
  • Receivership: your secured creditors may appoint a receiver (or a receiver and manager together) who releases your assets for the benefits of your creditors. This can occur at the same time that your company is in liquidation or voluntary administration, or it can occur separately. Unlike company liquidations, during this time a company with a receivership may continue to trade whilst a plan is worked out to repay the secured creditor.
  • Creditor negotiation: insolvency practitioners can negotiate on your behalf with your creditors in order to create a plan that is realistically achievable. It is in your creditor's best interest to work with you to ensure they receive as much of their credit back as possible.

What personal insolvency services available?

  • Bankruptcy: is a three-year process designed to provide a fair outcome for all involved if you are unable to pay your debts. Declaring bankruptcy will free you of any unsecured debts that were incurred before your bankruptcy began. There are serious consequences for bankruptcy however, so this should be considered your last resort.
  • Bankruptcy alternatives: considering the serious consequences of bankruptcy, you should always consider the alternatives first. The main two options available to you are:
  • Personal debt agreement: A debt agreement is a legally binding agreement made with your creditors which allows you to negotiate the amount of debt to be repaid and the time given to you to do so. Typically the negotiated sum is lower than your total outstanding debt - the difference is written off.
  • Personal insolvency agreement: A PIA is a legally binding agreement which is similar to a debt agreement. Once approved, a PIA requires you to pay a regular sum for a period of 3 to 5 years until your debt is repaid. The interest on your debts is frozen during this time and a trustee is appointed as the point of contact for your creditors.