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Top services offered by web development companies

Building a website

Building a website

Code and develop a fully-functioning site for your business 

FROM $550

Mobile development

Mobile development

Build a mobile app for the Android and iOS platforms 

FROM $4,500

Web content

Web content

Understand your target users and build a CMS to manage your web content 

FROM $500

Android app development

Android app development

Build an Android mobile app for the popular Google platform 

FROM $4,500

Content management system

Content management system

Build or customise a CMS to organise, edit and control your website's content 

FROM $395

Front end development

Front end development

Build the user-facing component of your website with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. 

FROM $450

iOS app development

iOS app development

Build a fully-functioning mobile app for Apple's iOS platform 

FROM $4,000

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Conduct thorough testing of your website with a quality assurance checklist 

FROM $300

Web programming

Web programming

Code your website and build your backend database and server scripts 

FROM $550

Website strategy

Website strategy

Conduct research and create a robust strategy before building your site 

FROM $200

Average hourly rate for Web Developers in Australia

min rate $93 - $225 max rate

  • Web Prosperity Pty Ltd
    Web Prosperity Pty Ltd

    ABN: 21150396615

    Web Development

    West Pennant Hills

    Full service Web design & SEO company serving NSW, Australian and international clients. We are a Digital Media Company based in Cherrybrook in Sydneys North West. Using white hat search engine optimization techniques we get sites ranked and develop our sites to the same principles. Contact us for a free website analysis and quote.The key for succsful SEO is to find a range of keywords that are not only targeted towards your services but also bring in enough traffic to justify any SEO cost, our initial free analysis helps to identify the best keywords to target. We work closely with our clients, provide weekly reports aim to understand the clients business and goals for best results.

  • Web Zulu
    Web Zulu

    ABN: 88130241637

    Web Development

    Trinity Beach

    Web Zulu mission is to create leads and sales for business through online channels. We specialise in building websites for small business within Australia using an easy-to-manage website builder platform. For DIY customers, we also offer a complete training solution to empower businesses to take control of their website and marketing maintenance. In addition to website services, we also build chatbots for lead generation and customer service purposes. Available 7 days a week by appointment and/or virtual conferencing, we offer face-to-face personalised services.

  • eCorner Pty Ltd
    eCorner Pty Ltd

    ABN: 25107795568

    Web Development


    eCorner opened its doors for the first time in January 2004 and has more than 10 Years of eCommerce experience. We specialise in providing online shop solutions for our customers and partners in Australia and New Zealand and many other countries. Our approach is simple - we want our customers to be successful and safe online. Like our company tag, our mission is to provide secure ecommerce solutions. So it is not just about creating a website or an online store but about finding the best solution for the customers requirements for our local market and for Australian companies who want to sell internationally. eCorner online stores will be hosted right here in Australia and are safe and secure, but our platform is designed to let you sell to any country or from any country without an issue. Our systems are regularly upgraded in features and functions to keep you ahead of your competition.

  • Ondetto

    ABN: 33474878420

    Web Development


    Ondetto delivers WordPress websites for businesses & organisations wanting a professional, engaging online presence. We are a small agency based in Geelong and have built websites for over 100 clients since 2011. Ondetto can help with the design & development of a brand new website, redesign your current website, add features to your existing website or simply taking care of technical updates and web hosting on an ongoing basis. Our digital marketing services include email newsletters, social media setup, Google AdWords, and local Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Microcosm

    ABN: 79714611405

    Web Development


    Microcosm will bring your branding and design projects to life. We are driven to create unique, distinctive and effective designs with a focus on digital integration. At Microcosm, we deliver a total communications solution for businesses. From the ever-changing world of web, e-commerce and social media, to corporate communication templates. We are focused on providing our clients with highly functional, visually stunning, corporate communication templates (Microsoft Office - Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, charts and visualisations, Email marketing, Websites, interactive PDF forms, etc) and brand solutions that are foolproof, clever and easy to use and maintain. A total solution means your brand is taken to market in a clear, effective and visible way.

  • Websites 4 Small Business
    Websites 4 Small Business

    ABN: 59681133199

    Web Development

    North Narrabeen

    Getting your business online is no walk in the park and if this is your first time creating a website, it can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider – the layout, design, website copy, webhosting, email set-up, search engine optimisation, marketing and all that other technical stuff. Fasten your seatbelt & prepare for take off. Websites 4 Small Business is here to co-pilot in getting your business on the internet, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price.

  • Savvy Pixels
    Savvy Pixels

    ABN: 50153223019

    Web Development

    Stirling North

    IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners. IT Solutions, Web Design & Hosting for Small to Medium Business Owners.

  • Blue Bird Internet Marketing
    Blue Bird Internet Marketing

    ABN: 20860832167

    Web Development


    Would you like to better maximise your investment in social media and be more confident that your online presence is helping your business goals? Perhaps I can help. I have a passion for assisting small business to ensure a professional online presence at affordable prices. I am an Online Marketing Specialist and have extensive experience in providing social media management across a number of industries, via my business, Bluebird Internet Marketing & Social Media Management.We take the guess work out of determining what works for your business online.

  • Melbourne Web Marketing
    Melbourne Web Marketing

    ABN: 96160244084

    Web Development


    Melbourne Web Marketing provides a range of services for our clients ranging from Hosting to Reputation Marketing. Our Founder decided after years of traveling globally speaking at internet events to publish a booked called "Webutation" which is a practical guide to taking your business online successfully. Our speciality is Reputation Marketing. It is our aim to not only get you online but to establish you as a trusted leader in your niche. Yes it is possible for any business.

  • Local Online Business Builder
    Local Online Business Builder

    ABN: 54832627704

    Internet Web Services


    It’s only natural you want your business on page one of Google and be ahead of your competitors. Who doesn’t! Our goal is to make sure you are doing more than what your competitors are already doing online. My name is Sandy Moore, I’m the owner of Local Online Business Builder and provide Online Marketing Solutions especially designed to help you leverage the internet and do more than your competitors. It all starts with your Search Engine Optimised Website! If you don't have one, Lets Chat!

  • SEO Web Logistics
    SEO Web Logistics

    ABN: 61129283740

    Web Development

    Varsity Lakes

    Your leading local SEO Company on the Gold Coast. Experts in SEO & Internet Marketing, based right here on the beautiful Gold Coast & Brisbane SEO Web Logistics is a Gold Coast based company that has brought the very best in SEO/search engine optimisation & internet marketing techniques as well as web design into the 21st century. Our team of staff strive for client results in every possible area of digital marketing.

  • AdVisible

    ABN: 30155789727

    Web Development

    Macquarie Park

    AdVisible aren't your average digital marketing firm. We understand that our clients need someone that understands their business and thus, we plan and structure your advertising goals as a small or large business, and ensure that you understand the steps will be taken to ultimately achieve your goals. We work very closely with our clients and their campaigns to ensure that they are receiving qualified leads and maximising their return-on-investment. AdVisible are Digital Marketing Experts

Web Developers

You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful business without a website nowadays. Consumers are spending more time online than ever, and they will make a lot of judgments about whether they want to engage with you based on your website.

Does it load fast enough? Can they find what they’re looking for? Is it easy to contact you? These are just some of the issues to consider. The best websites are easy to navigate, beautiful to look at and work 24/7 as a lead and sales agent for your business.

You may already have a website and want to improve its existing functionality and user experience to facilitate growth. Or you may be looking to build a website from scratch. 

If you don’t have the knowledge or time to build a website yourself, you should consider hiring a professional web developer.

The aim of this page is to introduce you to the basics of hiring a web developer. If you decide it’s the right option for you, we can also connect you with web developers in your area.

What is a website developer?

A website developer is an expert in creating, building and maintaining websites and web applications. They design the code to build an elegant website using languages such as HTML, Java, C++ and PHP. Good web developers can create a fast, responsive and user-friendly website that integrates seamlessly with other business software. 

What are the different types of web developers?

Web development is a vast field and encompasses a long list of different professionals. However, there are generally three main categories of web developers:

  1. Front end developers: Full stack developers are responsible for the aesthetic and interactive elements of a website. They make sure that all of the design components that users see are functioning and visually pleasing. 
  2. Back end developers: Back end developers are responsible for all of the components you can’t see, or in other words, the stuff that keeps your website running smoothly. They ensure everything on the server is speaking the same language as what’s on the front end.
  3. Full stack developers: Full stack developers can work on both front and back end development, making them highly sought after. They have the capabilities to build a complete website from the ground up.

What is the difference between a web developer and a web designer?

It’s easy to get confused between web designers and web developers as they both help build websites. While web designers and developers share similar skills, the key difference is their area of expertise. 

Put simply, a web designer’s role is more visual and user-focused to create the overall look and feel for a page, whereas a web developer focuses on programming and internal site structure so that the design elements can come to life.

Why should I hire a web developer?

Building a website can be complex and time-consuming, and unless you have the skills (or time to learn), web development is usually best left to professionals. You can easily find affordable web development services online. 

What services do web developers offer?

Some of the services offered by web developers include:

  • Domain name registration
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Website data storage and security
  • Website strategy and planning
  • Web development
  • User interface design 
  • User experience 
  • Website testing

How do I hire a web developer?

Not all web designers are the same or have the same approach to working. That said, here is a quick checklist to help you choose and hire the best web developers:

  • Good reputation: Can they show you a solid portfolio of previous projects they’ve worked on? What is their own website like? Dig into online reviews and client testimonials for honest feedback.
  • Review their service area: It’s important to check whether they have worked with businesses similar to yours. For example, the website requirements for a startup are very different from a large corporate company. 
  • Support and maintenance services: The nature of websites means there’s often a large number of things that can go wrong including crashed servers, browser compatibility issues and 404 errors among others. How much after sales support do they offer? Hire a developer that offers ongoing support once the site goes live.
  • Fees and charges: A good web developer is transparent about the costs involved and there’ll be no nasty surprises at the end of a job. Look for developers that provide a cost breakdown, are honest about what you do and don’t need and offer alternative solutions where applicable. 
  • Transparent, reliable and easy to communicate with: How will they communicate with you along the project lifecycle? Will they use a task management software to collaborate and share updates? A good developer should clearly outline how they will communicate with you from the start. 

What questions should you ask a web developer?

Here are some questions to help you in the hiring process:

  • How long will my project take?
  • Can you provide a cost breakdown?
  • Can you show me your portfolio of similar sites you’ve developed?
  • Which platform is most appropriate for my site?
  • Do I need a content management system (CMS)?
  • Are you well-trained in search engine optimisation (SEO)?
  • What files and assets do I need to provide you?
  • Which features will you implement for website security?
  • Will I have complete ownership/admin access to the site once it’s live?

How much does website development cost?

Every website is different and has different requirements based on the purpose of the site, audience, type of business, etc. There is no one-size-fits-all model for pricing, but some of the factors that can affect the cost include:

  • Number of web pages
  • CMS requirements 
  • Video and flash animations 
  • Web hosting
  • Payment functionalities 
  • Web design requirements 

To give you a rough idea, a simple business website typically costs up to $2,500. An ecommerce site usually costs $3,000+ and a custom website with a more complex backend system starts from around $10,000.

Whether you need a simple website that works like an online brochure or a huge ecommerce store that automates your entire business, SavvySME can connect you with the professionals that are right for you. Simply give us a few details about your project and we’ll introduce you to the right professionals that can help.

If you’re looking to create a relatively simple website, then you may want to opt for web development and design tools. These online website building platforms make it easy to build your own website (which can also be reviewed and optimised by a web developer at a later date).