Community Guidelines

Fill out your profile

People like doing business with people they can trust, and the first step is to identify yourself with accurate information. This includes updating your profile with a photo, then write a short and punchy description of yourself. Next tell us your company name, location, and contact details followed by your industry and service offerings. You should also select your topics of interest so that content can be better tailored for you.

Start using the site

Your experience is not complete if you haven’t done anything on our site. Try answering a few questions, asking some new ones and rating and discussing some articles. This tells those who visit your profile your interests, what you look like, and what you are knowledgeable about. If they like what they see, they might want to connect with you, so make it vibrant and engaging! For tips on how to do this well please visit our Q&A: “How to increase your reputation on SavvySME™?”

Tell everyone else about us

A community is only fun when you already know a few people in it, so invite your colleagues and business partners to participate. This allows you to already have a few engaged fans to join you in the community.

Express yourself, but also consider others

Express your opinions and support them with accurate facts, if necessary. If you find factual errors or disagree with someone, point them out, and make sure you can explain the error. If you're citing something, give a reference for it. Above all, be respectful at all times.

Stay on topic

We want all the content on the SavvySME™ site to solve your problems as quickly as possible, so you can go back to growing your business. So for us to do this effectively we would appreciate if all answers, discussions and comments remain on topic and add value to the original poster’s question. If you would like to open a discussion on a different topic, ask a question or find an article that is along the theme.

Quality is just as important as quantity

There may be a very big urge to get out there and spreading your opinions and advice to as many places as you can find, but remember quality is important. You can get a higher reputation score by providing a valuable and detailed answer that gets voted up by our members, than answering a few more questions. If you provide something that really helps the rest of the community it will be shared and will have a far wider reach. So, make sure you spend a little more time and give an answer that goes above and beyond just answering the question.

Have fun

The team at SavvySME™ created this website with a vision for business owners to enjoy the process of learning, finding out information and networking with others in the community, so please have fun with it. Ask a question. Participate in a discussion. Start your own conversation. Comment on an article or anything you see or read on the site. The more you participate, the more rewarding your experience will be. Your comments and input will also help others, and it will help you build your own reputation.

Don't be offensive or rude

A good debate on any given topic is encouraged, given that it is based on facts and information. When it comes to opinions please remember that you don’t want to burn any bridges as you don’t know who they might know and it could affect your business in more damaging ways than you can imagine. So remember, before you click submit, ask yourself, would I want this conversation to be published on the news and have all my friends and family to see? Publishing it on the internet is more damaging and long-lasting than being on the news, and whatever you say can be easily found by your future business partners and customers, so please keep it constructive, and don’t get personal with anyone in the community.

Last of all, don't be aggressive or use profane language. Personal attacks or obscene material are not welcome and will be removed, and you may be suspended or banned.

Don't steal and copy

Don't steal other people's ideas. Make sure that the ideas you put forward are your own. We also encourage people to refer to existing ideas and research but remember to give credit to the original source that is published.

Don't try being someone else or sell things under false pretenses

Be transparent if you are a representative of the company, as we all want to know who we are really speaking to. Your views are just as valid as a company representative; just make sure you have permission to do so first. Also be transparent if you are giving advice about a product or service that you have a commercial interest in, whether it being your product, a business partner’s product or a product that you receive commissions or benefits on.

We encourage business to take place, and we have reserved our marketplace for that. If you have a product or service to sell, join the waiting list to the SavvyMARKETPLACE.

Don't speak in other languages (just yet)

For now the main language is English on our site. We are working on making the service available to non-English speaking business owners, but until we have a translation service in place, all interactions are to be carried out in English.

Don't be a busybody

Do not violate someone else's privacy. You can post as much personal and contact information about yourself as you want, but don't post anyone else's personal details or contact information. For more information, consult our Privacy Policy.

In addition, do not contact community members outside of the SavvySME™ community without their permission. If you want to increase your sales and leads, we encourage you to build your reputation on SavvySME™, advertise with us and participate in our marketplace. You don’t want to start receiving uninvited sales pitches, so we expect you to return the courtesy for the rest of our members. If any community member reports a violation of this we will ban you.

Don't SPAM

We only want members that have the interest of the community at heart. You get back what you give so do not fill the website with useless and repetitive material stuffed with keywords and links for your own purposes. We encourage people to optimise their web presence but not at the expense of quality. Your brand will do better in the long run if you take care of it. Please ensure that all interactions on the website are helpful and do not contain links to your website.

Do not give your account access to an inexperienced individual that may use it to spam others. Any reports for spam will be taken seriously, and will result in a permanent ban.

In addition, the 3-strike suspension rule applies to private messaging. Your account will be suspended for 28 days if we receive 3 reports of spam from your recipient(s).

Don't be a sales pitch

SavvySME is a great way to build a personal and business brand, but there are good ways to do it and bad ways to do it. Being a walking sales pitch or an avid backlinker is not a great way to gain the trust and respect of your community members. For this reason, self promoting links in places such as answers and articles will be removed. We allow links to websites other than your own and also specific pages on your website where it is absolutely relevant, but most of your promotion should be done through your profile. This is why we allow you to post up your website address on your profile and display your name, picture and title all over the site. Make sure that your name is followed by great and helpful content throughout the site.

Moderation, our rights

Please remember we do moderate this website and will suspend and edit your content if it violates our community values. We closely monitor conversations and activity on SavvySME™. We reserve the right to remove any or all content that contravenes these guidelines. We also reserve the right to block users violating these guidelines from logging in and posting material to the website.

Terms of Use

The Community Guidelines above provide only a summary of certain of the Terms and Conditions contained in SavvySME™ Terms of Use. By visiting the SavvySME™ website or joining SavvySME™, you agreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between these Community Guidelines and the SavvySME™ Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions will supersede the Community Guidelines.

The Community Guidelines above provide only a summary of certain of the Terms and Conditions contained in SavvySME™ Terms of Use. By visiting the SavvySME™ website or joining SavvySME™, you agreed to abide by those Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between these Community Guidelines and the SavvySME™ Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions will supersede the Community Guidelines.