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Hello, Jef

Thanks for your time it might be a good option " A longer term solution may be looking into installing solar panels if that is an option where you are." sound good

Also a good idea to turn off appliances @Hatty Bell 

Thank you guys!!
Keep safe always


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Live poor, grow faster. Pending on your business the more you  can invest in customer acquisition the faster your business will grow. Prior to do that though you need to make sure your systems can handle an increase in volume.

You have not listed what business you are in however after doing ...  Continue Reading
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Sorry for the typos. I tend to type replies while half asleep and off the top of my head.

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Budgeting and Forecasting


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Without knowing more about your business, this is almost impossible to answer specifically. However, a couple of generic things to look at:
If this is a real issue for you, i would suggest you talk to someone who can help with this, as you will need to get a handle on this. While there are many companies ...  Continue Reading
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If you're uncertain, it is important to have your accountant look over the numbers. Given fluctuations in the economy and revenue for small business, it would be wise to include a buffer to ride out any difficult trading periods.

Keep in mind also that it is illegal to knowingly trade while insolvent.

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, Community Manager at SavvySME

What qualities should business owners look for in an accountant?

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As with any professional, I'd go with someone that you feel understands your business and what you are trying to achieve.

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This is a depend...

If you are spending money on your marketing and you are not getting a ROI Stop!

If you are spending money on your marketing and getting a high ROI - spend as much as you can.

It's all relative.

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Easy way to price your goods is to compare it to competitions. Research your competition and find where you are on scale compared to them in terms of the quality of your products. If you're product is better, price it more than competition, and vice versa. As long as the sell price is more than double of your cost, you are doing fine. Adjust price as you go.

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One of the first questions I would ask is, are you profitable? Meaning, are you currently making more money than you are spending? If not, it isn't time to draw a wage. Keep in mind if you need to scale (add employees) they are the first to get paid and you are the last to get paid (as a founder / owner). ...  Continue Reading
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Good tips. AC is always a problem. We also reduced the access to the office printer, basically you have to email office admin, and she prints out anything you need. That way people stopped printing out pdf books and other non-work related stuff.