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Melanie Gray

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I send an email or message through social media.

I usually know what sort of commuication an individual prefers. Sometimes an SMS works best.

Catching up online may not be as beneficial as catching up in person, but it sure is powerful, quick and easy.

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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

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My approach is to set myself up as the harbinger of Doom right from the start. I make it very clear that my communication style is one of simple, unadorned, straight-talking language and that I don't mince words.
I make sure the client understands that the "fault" of speaking directly lies with me, and ...  Continue Reading
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Hi Wendy
You need several tools to work this out.
1. What is that industry and channels business model - for a given retail price, what are the margins required by the retailer, the group(in the case of a franchise or banner group) and the wholesaler. Based on your costs, what margin do you need to make. ...  Continue Reading
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Steven Freeman

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BNI takes a lot of commitment in time and brain power to keep up with, so the rewards need to be worth the effort.

It doesn't work well for all businesses, so it is best to speak to others that are in BNI that run a similar business to yours.

If can work, BNI can teach you a lot of relationship marketing strategies which can be applied for broader business purposes.

Consider BNI part of a broader business plan, and is worth joining even for a year or two if it gels with you and your business.

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The main issue with doing business in Asia is the lack of "Rule of Law". It's a bit wild west. There are of course exceptions to this, but short term gain is the main focus. It is seasonal thinking. This was a shock to me at first, as business academics like Hofstede propose long term thinking as dominant ...  Continue Reading
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Roland Hanekroot

Roland Hanekroot, Founder at New Perspectives Business Coaching

Hi Allison, A really good organisation in Aus is the BEC, business enterprise centres. They run all kinds of mentoring and support programs for people who are in the early startup stages of business. They are in all kinds of places... go to their website to find out more: good luck with it cheers roland

Allison Williams


Thank you Roland!! I appreciate the link, I will look into them. Thank you for your well wishes too!