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Stephanie Gobraiel

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Working on your business is just as important as working in your business, ie client work.

Having a strategic plan which is high level, then that could be broken down into goals then breaking down those goals into chunks makes anything achievable.. That includes upskilling, implementing or improving processes, business growth and more. 
​​​​​​​Even if you have one goal per month and your achieving it, that's counted moving forward and making progress in business.

Hatty Bell

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Thanks @Stephanie Gobraiel - great to hear your insight

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Ronda Smith

Ronda Smith

Great list, but I would add a musician and blogger too. Recently, I wrote an article about most creative jobs in 2019, which you can check out here, I think it will be really interesting for you too.

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Beth Allcot

Beth Allcot

Thanks for this article. It's really useful for me because I'm preparing for my first job interview. Also, I read Meghan M. Biro blog. I found some useful tips at her latest blog post. I think you definitely need to take a look at it too.

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Risk can not be completely eliminated. It can only be mitigated. As entrepreneurs we should be hyper-aware that risk is a constant as well as a variable. Consider that without risk there is no need to be an entrepreneur, but being an entrepreneur carries its own risks.
This is truly a loaded question. ...  Continue Reading
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Great article Barbara! Your article is such an inspiration to all women, whether they are re-entering the workforce, or changing careers.