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Employment Law
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Employment contracts are a must in today’s business environment. Anyone who is engaged in your business should have a contract. 
Whilst there are templates, these are generally not adequate for today’s world as  they don’t include social media clauses. Any legal work should be done by a lawyer - it says you in the long run

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Casual and contract employees are not entitled to redundancy payments. You also don’t need to pay for making full-timers redundant, if they worked less than 12 months or there was a serious misconduct such as fraud. Some small businesses may be exempt from redundancy payment, and the rates are different for different industries. Check out Fair Work’s website for more information.

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Hi Yee,

There is a scale yes depending on their length of service.  Plus depending on their age they may also be entitled to and an extra week.

It may also depend on if they have an award, what the employment contract says, if they have enterprise agreement or other registered agreement.

As your question relates to a legislative matter I would suggest you use the notice calculator on the Fair Work site.

You can also call the Fair Work helpline on 13 13 94.