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Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Thanks everyone. @Kate Fairley - can I get your opinion on this one?

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Melissa Green, Marketing manager at Handy Gardeners

Hi,Thank you for the great article, Kate. I know that a lot of people that currently run a home business or have thought about starting a business out of the home, make the mistake of assuming that the homeowners insurance policy provides sufficient coverage. It's important to find the right insurance for you.Greeting,Melissa from Handy Gardeners

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Mark Robson

Whenever possible, hope to work with bigger organizations and use their preexisting technologies. In a perfect world, they will enable you to white-mark their products so you can make a unique brand presence. This system will most likely save you thousands and give your business time to work out buy dissertation uk your own particular products.

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I think it is also a relevant that Business Owners seek the advice of a professional Insurance Broker - one that represents the client (not the insurer) and can tailor a solution to their needs (not just from a limited panel of insurers). So many times I have seen people source quotes online or from ...  Continue Reading