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Paul Williams


We contacted ASIC for our company number - after paying their large bill they provided us with our ACN (9 digits). Now they contact us saying that our business website name does not match the company number - What is going on here?

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Katherine Hawes

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Hi Jess - it is important that you have enforceable clear contracts with your customers.  The agreement needs to set out who is responsible for what, when and how plus liability issues.  Not sure where people get the idea that it is thousands of dollars. We have fixed fee of between $600 and $1000 depending on complexity.  Getting it wrong will cost a lot more than that.

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Jacqui Pryor

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Thanks for the tag today Yee :)

Certainly, the terms of the agreement would need to be reviewed to determine any/all action available to you. However, I agree with Katherine's comments above. On the face of your post it certainly sounds like he may be guilty of engaging in misleading and deceptive ...  Continue Reading
Yee Trinh

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Thanks Jacqui! Appreciate your thoughts!

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Hi Fiona, 

In short yes it may be legal. Employees have to usefully employed. Some employers may be takin advantage of it nad Fair Work commission has put on more staff to deal wiht applications. I have written about forced leave and stand downs in general terms. You may need to get advice specif to your husbands situation.

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Hi Shani, Regie from Sprintlaw here. We're an online law firm that helps small businesses so I thought I'd give you some general legal information that might help!

First - do you have a contract? The answer to this question will most likely be found in any contracts signed between ...  Continue Reading
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Great reminder for small businesses on legal issues with electronic contracts, especially the part that highlights how emails can be considered for legal claims in the courtroom.

I always feel it’s better to be safe than sorry, so you should seek professional help when you have little or zero knowledge on e-contracts. Even a one-off consultation with a small business lawyer can uncover many blind spots, issues and challenges in a contract that never crossed your mind. It’s not a legal fee, it’s an insurance for your small business.