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Market Research
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Sonja Ceri

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The best way to start any research is, to begin with, your goals. First, outline clearly what you are aiming to achieve with your research. This will ensure your research has a clear scope and direction. 
Some broad areas of research are outlined below. 
As ...  Continue Reading
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Thanks for sharing such useful information. It is very important to choose the best market research techniques for your business.

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Market research is a critical tool for business yet often overlooked or underutilized.   Are real customers willing to pay real money for your product or service?  If so you have a real business.  Do not just ask your friends & family for feedback, they do not want to hurt your feelings ...  Continue Reading
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Hi Steve,

Great to see you're doing a survey.

Looking at the questions, I'm struggling to see what you hope to learn. Are you looking to find out what problems people face at a major appliance retailer?


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It is easy to suggest generalities, however what has proven popular on social media has little bearing on fiscal reality and your practice’s commercial aspirations. You will find that there is a great deal of emphasis placed on technology and rather obvious communications platforms, and whilst they ...  Continue Reading
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Thank you John. This is really a great idea to analyze competitor and drive new ideas to create new audience.