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Commercial Cleaning
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Martin Callan

Martin Callan, Founder & CEO at freshOps

Office Cleaning Services do range based on what you call regular. If you are an office of 5 staff a weekly service may suffice, however in my experience, once you have over 10 staff, you need to consider increasing this frequency to maybe twice a week. Above those staffing numbers, cleaning does really ...  Continue Reading
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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

Going by what little details you've described, it doesn't on the face of it sound too "professional" to me.

If the meaning of what you intend is buried in "legalese" or technical jargon, you may need to modify or edit a little more. But if the language used is concise, clear and bereft of filler, I suspect you have a worthy contract.

Is there some way you can provide either: a link to view; point to a website; or perhaps a downloadable PDF, so we can read the whole thing? Context will help.