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Evan Boesenberg

Evan Boesenberg

every worksite ive ever been to has a radio. its not the cheapest, but with the right frequency mapping and channel selection you would quite happily hit your target. and a lot of it.

Hatty Bell

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Good idea @Evan Boesenberg - have you had any experience with radio advertising? Does it work?

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Narine Poghosyan

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I have used several services including Elastic Email, Mailchimp, SendInBlue, Mailshake, and Hubspot.
If you want to generate much interest there are several key points to remember before choosing sending automated emails.

  • Get personal, use their first name when contacting
  • Choose an interesting subject line
  • Write the message as short as possible
  • Follow-up to them 

In case you want to get more options to understand who are your subscribers, I would suggest using Hubspot.

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Beau Ushay

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The key is to not think of them as disparate practices. The words 'online', 'digital' or 'traditional' are redundant if you're focused on the meaning of the operative part of the practice - marketing.

Focus on finding who your best customers are, why they buy and why they should buy from you. Once you have a clear idea of the answers to these questions, you'll be well placed to start looking for where they spend their time and how you can influence their behaviour.

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Brian Dorricott

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Before you even start putting your pitch together, take a look at the potential client and see what they are doing. By understanding what is driving them to do what they are doing you can put together the pitch to nail the problem they have. Only if this nails the problem would I suggest you go to the effort of creating the solution.

Saves $100K and lots of time.