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Amanda Hoffmann - Certified Bookkeeper, BAS Agent

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Quickbooks Online has an excellent Payroll system included and is one of the most competitive in the market compared to other software options. 
The advantages of QBO's payroll
Plus Version gives you up to 10 free staff and then a small fee per active staff thereafterWorkZone App for staff ...  Continue Reading
Hatty Bell

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Thanks for the input @Amanda Hoffmann - Certified Bookkeeper, BAS Agent . Do you think Quickbooks is better than Xero?

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Jane Jones

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Thanks @Mark Orson - Outsourcing back office activities definitely frees up the business owner to focus on the big picture and grow the business. @Brian Le Mon - Do you have any advice on what to look for when looking to outsource payroll services for small business?

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It depends on the type of payroll services you need and the size of your business. When comparing costs for outsourcing, take into account how much it would cost you to hire an internal HR expert or manager instead, including recruitment, salary, superannuation, benefits and training.
Generally, ...  Continue Reading
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