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Smart Watches have changed our life completely even now we can monitor our physical health and smart watches can inform us before the attach of disease. Apart from, there is also lot of nice features introduced by the smart watches companies i.e Millions ...  Continue Reading
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Almost all the big broadband providers like iiNet, TPG, Engin  are also VOIP providers in Australia. You can bundle your NBN or ADSL with VOIP services, and that cost usually starts from AUD $10 a month. It may be easier to configure and may save you money when you bundle voip and internet services.

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Too many variables to give you any pricing. It's going to depend on the requirements; how many phones, etc. VoIP gives you considerable flexibility and in a short time will be the only option. Do you have a single site or multiple sites, do you go hosted or have a line running into a phone system, what sort of functionality is required - basic telephony or full Unified Communications, Contact Centre, etc.

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With the launch of the Apple iPhone 6 today, and seeing the massive line in front of the Apple store, I keep on wondering if it is really worth it all. It seems so much cheaper to buy an Android phone with as many features (and in some cases more) for a fraction of the price. I think it has Apple has lost its 'exclusive' image too.

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You have framed your question in a very limited way - namely all about internet speed. The NBN is about much more than that. It is fundamentally a "open access" network for providers to connect with clients. As a provider (yes we are one, mainly in telephones), we have some great technology sitting in ...  Continue Reading