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Passionate about helping other people achieve success personally and in the business.

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Starting a business

3 common problems faced by start-up businesses

Starting and managing a new business is said to be one of the hardest things you can do—what with the tons of financial, managerial, technological, and marketing challenges that arise every day. ...

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5 ways to save time and money with accounting software

One effective way businesses can save time and money is by finding the right accounting software that meets your needs and your business will not out grow your systems. Combining this with best prac...

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Business growth

5 tips to help keep your business out of the dark

Running a business successfully for does not guarantee that the good times continue in the future. It is important for business owners to have a checklist of regular must-dos in order to keep mista...

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To outsource your bookkeeping or diy

Starting, running and growing a business is definitely more challenging than being an employee without all the stress. As the business owner, you wear many hats at the same time: complying with ATO,...

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Tips to dramatically reduce overhead costs in your business

Overhead or indirect costs are part of running a business—these cannot be eliminated in the process of providing services or creating products. However, there are many ways overhead costs can be m...

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Social media

5 steps in building your social media strategy

The internet has redefined how people do business. Efforts for traditional marketing have been replaced with modern ones that drive better results in shorter amount of time. Then followed the market...

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Sales and marketing

5 tips to implement a mobile strategy for your business

In this day and age when everything is accessible using a smartphone (my 2 year old is now swiping the ipad and wanting to download apps), it is important to develop a strong and stable mobile strat...

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Growing and scaling

4 big trends to stay ahead of your competitors in 2014

If 2013 has been a not-so-good year for some businesses, 2014 is a spark of new hope for business owners. It is the best time to start over and learn from the difficulties experienced last year. Bus...

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Growing and scaling

7 cloud apps that will make our business more productive in 2014?

What's Going to Make You More Productive In 2014? Being in the business of helping SME's connect their data and access their Important financial information with our cloud accounting software, I th...

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Customer retention

6 tips to retain and attract customers in 2014!

Like most businesses, we are facing more and more competition and threats to our core business. So to help stay ahead of the game and maximise the retention rate of your existing customers, and con...

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