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Andrew brings a range of skills and experience not often found together. Working simultaneously across different industries and disciplines he has a unique view of the business landscape. He has high level experience in marketing and public relations strategy and delivery, live production and technical management and design and has worked in and with many high profile SMEs. Andrew founded and runs Coaster Group and is a keen, serial entrepreneur - making ideas real is his passion.

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Coaster Group takes innovative thinking and challenging ideas to their maximum potential. We provide the support, advice and energy needed to any project to make sure it comes to life. We believe in achieving the most we are capable of. There is no excuse for simply meeting the criteria and checking the boxes. Pushing the boundaries of creativity and how we see the world are key to what Coaster does. From advice, to capability building and accelerator programs, Coaster is your ideal partner.

Industry: Tourism Location: ACT Duration: December 2013 - Current (ongoing retainer) Challenge: A mountain-based tourist attraction just outside Canberra was taken under new management in mid D... read more

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I have to respectfully disagree with Roland. Firstly, not turning a profit when the business reinvests to allow growth is the way many businesses secure their future. And, suggesting that Amazon (or G... read more

There is one thing every Australian business and business owner will face, especially as they start to do well. Tall poppy syndrome. For some reason we have been brought up for generations to cut the... read more

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Controversy Time. Branding is dead. As a concept and as a moniker it has had its day - looking at branding in the traditional, advertising derived sense is holding businesses back.  The value of ... read more

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Hi Liz, Your heading for this questions poses an interesting dilemma - with different product lines how do you break down and make it clear for your customers what they are buying (and hopefully enjo... read more

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