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Andrew Snell

Director at Coaster Group

Member Since June 2013

Canberra, ACT, 2601



Andrew brings a range of skills and experience not often found together. Working simultaneously across different industries and disciplines he has a unique view of the business landscape.

He has high level experience in marketing and public relations strategy and delivery, live production and technical management and design and has worked in and with many high profile SMEs. Andrew founded and runs Coaster Group and is a keen, serial entrepreneur - making ideas real is his passion.


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Business consulting
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Startup branding and PR

Stop Being Anonymous

There is one thing every Australian business and business owner will face, especially as they start to do well. Tall poppy syndrome. For some reason we have been brought up for generations to cut the...

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Sales and marketing

Missing your targets? It might not be what you're selling.

If there is something the Digital revolution of the last decade or so has taught us, it's that there are very few things people won't pay for. From apps to gadgets, if someone thinks of it, there are ...

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Making more when you only have less

Whatever your start-up is there is almost certainly one thing you have in common with every other one - you have very little. Little money, little time, little resources and in some cases and areas, l...

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Sales and marketing

Where does your business belong (a marketing dilemma)?

A great business and a great marketing strategy still need to fit together to reach the people who are going to pay for the product service. If they don't, neither really works. You can have the gre...

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First 100 days

Don't be afraid to make the call

Running a business is really just a whole series of decisions you didn’t think you’d have to make, along with a few you would rather not have to at all. No matter what you’re doing you will have...

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Research and Innovation

Hobby, business, or somewhere in between?

There has always been a place for hobby businesses, especially in the arts and for boutique producers. The world of online retail and e-selling tools has opened that up to a whole range of new micro-b...

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Product development

Why your product has to fit your business

A strange thing happens when a business adds to its products or services. Often by trying to expand and diversify they add a “complimentary” service they fall in to the trap of moving beyond what ...

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