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Business growth

Roll Ups as an M&A Technique to Rapidly Create Value in Your Business

When your company is looking for growth, a roll up might be the answer. A "roll up" or "consolidation strategy" is when a company buys up other companies in the same market and merges them into one ...

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Selling a business

Selling Your Business to Private Equity vs. Selling to a Strategic Buyer

Selling your business to private equity (PE) is very different to selling to a strategic buyer. They each approach deals in different ways, so you need to understand these differences and respond acc...

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Selling a business

Business Exits: How Earn Outs Work in Detail - Part Two

This is the second part of the article I've written before. You can read the first part of the series here:  Rarely does the buyer of a business agree with the seller on valuation. So when you are ...

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Selling a business

Business Exits: How Earn Outs Work in Detail - Part One

Investment banks and corporate advisors use earn outs as a way of bridging the gap between what you -- as the seller think the business is worth, and what the buyer thinks it is worth. The way in whic...

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Selling a business

Selling Your Business: How to Get Agreement on Price Using an Earn Out

Forbes Magazine said recently that the number one reason businesses fail to sell is because the vendors have an unrealistically high expectation of how much the business is worth. Of course, vendors ...

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Selling a business

Selling Your Business: Your Value Proposition

Why would someone buy your company?  The real answer is that it is cheaper and faster for them to buy your company than to recreate your business themselves.  The challenge for you in selling your ...

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Sales and marketing

Effective Marketing Technique: The Point of Difference Analysis

I often feel that business owners view marketing as just day-to-day advertisements and communications. This is as wrong as it is short-sighted. Selling Your Business There are some strategic marke...

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