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Having worked in the franchise sector for over 30 years and helped business to grow by over $3bn in that time, I believe franchising offers one of the most exciting business models around for anyone looking to create real wealth and financial independence for themselves. See email or call 1300 960 136.


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Brian Keen

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Foodies Go Mainstream

Fresh New Food Choices Challenge the Establishment The international franchise food sector is changing to provide a need in a fresh way, at a reasonable price. Food has become the new fashion Maste...

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5 Reasons Why Startup Franchises Can Fail, and What to Do About It

Griffiths University reported that the overall number of franchises fell between 2012 and 2014, because of small and unprofitable franchise closures. But franchise groups start small (even McDonalds)...

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Plenty of Room for New Franchises

It's long been recognised that newer small businesses run as a sole proprietorship have higher failure rate than many long-established companies. Even larger businesses with long-standing track record...

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Business growth

How to Systemise for Success

Many businesses work with ad hoc procedures that ‘just happen’, and aren’t really systems at all. This article is about how to maximise efficiency, how do you systemise your business, or improv...

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Business planning

‘System’ is not a dirty word

Business owners are wary of ‘systems’, feeling they deprive them of flexibility. However, a system is no more than a repeatable way of doing things to achieve a particular outcome. Properly imp...

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Do you have the right management in place?

The right management and the right staff are two cornerstones !   Staff members play a very important role in making any franchise business successful. So, appoint the staff carefully and manage ...

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So you want to grow your business by franchising – but are you fit to lead?

One of the other deciding factors when analyzing whether a business is ripe to franchise, is the personality of the business owner or owners. Is that person a natural leader? Does he or she have the...

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Case study of a little known franchise success story

A good example of using the franchising process of systemization and putting these principles into practice is Jack Cowin. Jack Cowin came to Australia when he was 26 years old with the franchise r...

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How to Franchise Your Business in 7 Simple Ways

Franchising a business is very popular in the fast growing and changing business environment all over the world. But it's not as easy as it may sound at the beginning. There are a lot of factors to c...

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Franchising continues to grow during tough times

Evidence shows franchising has extraordinary opportunities for family businesses, enabling them to grow into multi-million dollar assets. According to a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers report franchises...

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Brian Keen

Asked this question - Franchising

How do I listen to the AMA?

Where, when, on what media?


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