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Clara Cassidy

Owner & Marketing Manager at Custom Printed Bags & Boxes

Member Since November 2012

Balmain, NSW, 2041



I am marketing professional with years of experience in branding, events & promotions.When I was searching for short runs of apparel boxes for a previous start up business I couldn't find a supplier that could offer fully customised bags and boxes to my exact needs.So I started Custom Printed Bags & Boxes as I wanted to help small businesses with their product packaging & event bag needs. We dont carry standard stock as we specialise in customising bags & boxes each customer's unique requiements

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Business growth

Custom Printed Bags & Boxes by Clara Cassidy

Tell us about your business?  Custom Printed Bags & Boxes specialise in custom-making bags and boxes to almost any colour, size or design - to each client’s unique business packaging nee...

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