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Chris is father, husband and all-round computer geek who had privilege to watch technology rising from its bare beginnings and powering life as we know it today. Worked as a software architect and developer for some of the biggest brands. He often write papers on BigData and emerging enterprise mobility technologies.


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Integrating online and offline
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Integrating online and offline

Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: How to Decide Which One to Use

Internet marketing offers a personalized and targeted type of marketing approach, allowing you to reach your audience easily and then measure your results at any time. Traditional marketing can be mo...

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Business growth

Cost cutting ideas for your small business

A large number of small business operators are faced with the challenge of coming up with ways to cut down their running costs, particularly during tough economic times. There are many ways through wh...

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10 most common startup obstacles

According to statistics from US Census Bureau, an estimated 76% of small businesses operating in the year 1992 were still up and running until the year 1996. Moreover, based on US Department of Labor...

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Sales and marketing

20 creative and fruitful strategies for marketing your small/medium business

The growing competition in the market, regardless what industry your company belongs, would literally demand you to extract every creative juice in yourself for its marketing. Growing your brand and b...

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Australian smb's get tax break write-off

For medium to small businesses, having a tax break for their business operations would mean a lot to the owners. In Australia, there is this legislation that came effect in July 2012, which basicall...

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