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Creative Bar is a Marketing Consulting Agency that specialise in providing marketing solutions to small to medium sized businesses. We offer a wide range and variety of services at a competitive price and tailor all our services to each business. Contact us today to start your creative journey!

Qualified skills

Copywriting and Content Marketing
Offline and Direct Marketing
Digital Marketing
Event Management
Advertising-Direct Mail Services
Casting Agencies & Consultants
Magazines & Periodicals
Marketing Services & Consultants

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Online Business

Online Business 9334 FOLLOWERS

Sales and Marketing

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Selling Online

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Social Media

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Web Design

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Web Development

Web Development 7569 FOLLOWERS

Web Hosting

Web Hosting 7424 FOLLOWERS

Customer Acquisition

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design 6870 FOLLOWERS

Video Production

Video Production 6852 FOLLOWERS


Advertising 7000 FOLLOWERS


Branding 7012 FOLLOWERS

Market Research

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Digital Marketing

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Public Relations (PR)

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