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David Nicol

Director, Workspace Product Sales at Citrix

Member Since February 2015



David leads the Workspace business for Citrix in Australia and New Zealand which includes application and desktop virtualisation and enterprise mobile management.

David has almost 20 years of IT industry experience, specialising in end-user-computing. David also has considerable experience designing technology solutions specific to small businesses – and leveraging the capabilities of system integrators and service providers that address the SMB market.

Qualified skills

Cloud computing
Server, networking and security
Application design and development
Hardware and software
Computer Software & Packages
Office & Business Systems
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Research and Innovation

New Business Idea: Workspace As A Service (WaaS)

Do you know that of Australia’s 2.1 million SMBs, almost 15% fold annually? Alarmingly, that figure is the same amount that are started every year. From generating local investment and driving inn...

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