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Felicity Law

HR Executive at Felicity Law

Member Since August 2014

Melbourne, VIC



Throughout her career, Felicity has contributed to business outcomes through relevant and effective strategies, guidance and support across; Human Resource Management and Operations, Team Management and Coaching, Change Management and Communication.

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Sales and marketing

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Human resources

Human resources 6537 FOLLOWERS

Information technology

Information technology 7443 FOLLOWERS

Business growth

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Social media

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Business structure

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Employment law

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Leadership 5494 FOLLOWERS

Managing employees

Managing employees 5478 FOLLOWERS


Outsourcing 5464 FOLLOWERS

Succession planning

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Website 6229 FOLLOWERS

Cloud computing

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First 100 days

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Growing and scaling

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Market trend

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Business partnership

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Managing risks

Managing risks 7313 FOLLOWERS

Business coaching

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Business planning

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