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Despite what most believe and practice, outsourcing is not primarily about cost!
It is about finding a service that can offer the most benefit to your business. This may be a service or skillset or it could be the opportunity to free up your time to focus on areas that generate more income for your business.
Get in touch for a chat if you want to discuss how outsourcing (done correctly) can help with your business.


Top 10%
Brian Le Mon
Brian Le Mon, Founder & CEO at Ethical Outsourcing

Asked this question - Customer acquisition

Has anyone tried a paid referral system to get new customers?

Hi Savvys, I am looking at marketing avenues to increase my customer base. AdWords and the like...


Information Overload

Transferring manufacture to an offshore company is an interesting venture to say the least. Often when company representative are visiting the factory for the first time, it is the first time they hav...

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Why do we start a new enterprise?

Getting started in business is never an easy road. Typically we are entering our new endeavour on a shoestring budget or trying to get business running while continuing as an employee in another comp...

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Zen and the art of offshore manufacturing

Many company representatives find themselves more than a little taken aback the first time they visit their proposed / current offshore manufacturer. I have heard the following statement repeatedly...

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P.M. Pupperty.

Manufacturing with on offshore vendor introduces a myriad of complexities into the equation. Some are obvious such as potential counterfeiting and quality issues and the need to become more intimate...

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Nothing like the Sample.

Sampling is a vital part of manufacturing. You want to see if the manufacturer is in fact capable of producing the product that you have designed to the specifications that you have given. We know...

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Business planning

Sweating the small stuff....

Back in the nineties there was a series of books "Don't sweat the small stuff" you remember the psychological self help type. In your personal life this is likely a good mantra to follow.  Move to...

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Relationship advice for offshore manufacturing

Long distance relationships are hard. You wonder what they are doing, lie awake at night sometimes wondering if they are interested in your needs and desires. Sometimes you wonder if they are even c...

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To Sea or not to Sea....

The cost to actually get your product from an offshore manufacturer into your warehouse  can sometimes add a considerable amount to the sourcing price.  Often we jump to the conclusion that sendi...

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Business coaching

Consultants Anonymous...

I am always a bit reluctant to call myself a consultant in the current environment. The definition and the role of consultant has been dramatically altered and diluted over the generations. Once upo...

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Have you really thought out your Offshoring decision?

Simply by taking a quick look through our website you will find that a key competency of GBOS is facilitating the transfer of manufacture to offshore vendors. So then you might wonder why would we pot...

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Brian Le Mon
Brian Le Mon, Founder & CEO at Ethical Outsourcing

Asked this question - Customer acquisition

Has anyone tried a paid referral system to get new customers?

Hi Savvys, I am looking at marketing avenues to increase my customer base. AdWords and the like...


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