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Main grid Garages, Sheds and Patios is a Western Foreign company that uses Aussie made products in the manufacture of all their products.No job is either too small or too big for the highly motivated company as well as its staff, all the people who work for the company are trades people and keen to offer help and advice to save you money.

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Online Business

Online Business 9343 FOLLOWERS


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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing 8733 FOLLOWERS

Human Resources

Human Resources 6738 FOLLOWERS

Finance and Accounting

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Business Management

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Selling Online

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Social Media

Social Media 7694 FOLLOWERS

Web Design

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Web Development

Web Development 7574 FOLLOWERS

Web Hosting

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Business Structure

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Insolvency 5289 FOLLOWERS

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property 5351 FOLLOWERS

Buying a Business

Buying a Business 5355 FOLLOWERS

Employment Law

Employment Law 5321 FOLLOWERS

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition 6946 FOLLOWERS

Graphic Design

Graphic Design 6875 FOLLOWERS

Video Production

Video Production 6856 FOLLOWERS


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Market Research

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 7072 FOLLOWERS

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Public Relations (PR) 6910 FOLLOWERS


Recruitment 5449 FOLLOWERS


Leadership 5509 FOLLOWERS

Team Management

Team Management 5486 FOLLOWERS


Outsourcing 5484 FOLLOWERS

Succession Planning

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Career Planning

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Cashflow Management

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Hardware and Software 6131 FOLLOWERS

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IT Support 6139 FOLLOWERS

Product Development

Product Development 6460 FOLLOWERS

Startup Branding and PR

Startup Branding and PR 6493 FOLLOWERS

First 100 Days

First 100 Days 6460 FOLLOWERS


Bootstrapping 6422 FOLLOWERS

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation 6465 FOLLOWERS

Customer Retention

Customer Retention 7373 FOLLOWERS


Importing 7264 FOLLOWERS

Business Growth

Business Growth 7390 FOLLOWERS

Market Trend

Market Trend 7339 FOLLOWERS

Business Partnership

Business Partnership 7346 FOLLOWERS

Lifestyle and Health

Lifestyle and Health 7357 FOLLOWERS

Risk Management

Risk Management 7322 FOLLOWERS


Franchising 7270 FOLLOWERS

Business Coaching

Business Coaching 7389 FOLLOWERS

Business Planning

Business Planning 7416 FOLLOWERS

New Business Ideas

New Business Ideas 6525 FOLLOWERS

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