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Ever heard of the story of the rice crop? The older and riper it gets, the more it bends downwards.
Living by this principle I believe that life is a never-ending learning process and the more I learn the more I'm humbled by it. Keeping my nose low and helping others are my priorities.
I'm no successful entrepreneur nor an excellent sportsman. However, I do aspire to reach for the stars and when I do; it is of utmost importance to be grateful to everyone around me.

Han Teng

Asked this question - Search engine marketing

Can someone provide a quick overview of the concept of SEO?

I'm struggling to grasp the concept of SEO and how it affects my website (if i had one). Could...

Han Teng

Asked this question - Sales and marketing

Is there such a thing as too much marketing?

How much marketing is too much marketing; or is there such a thing of too much marketing?

Business growth

Create a great and effective meeting

Deep inside, we all feel that meetings are lengthy and slightly frustrating. Depending on the company, meetings can go from monthly to daily. Meetings can take an indefinite amount of time to adjourn ...

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Some crazy marketing acts

The famous days of Mad Men has evolved. These are some of the out-of-your-mind marketing that has gain high virality and popularity amongst the public. The lung cancer alliance Australia. Posters of ...

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Sales and marketing

How to get the best out of Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to promote your brand and product especially if it’s female related. This is because Pinterest has a huge women community on it and what do women love to do more? Shopping. ...

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Business partnership

Creating relationships from B2B deals

To survive in the business world, you would have to deal with businesses almost every day. It is almost impossible to have a standalone business without the help of other businesses. Having a helping ...

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Improve your website to achieve high conversions

We have meetings every Monday, research almost every second of the day and spending sweat, blood and tears to get a business rolling. What businesses want in the end are conversions. Conversions keep ...

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Selling online

Online and offline integration

All too often people fail to see the connection between their online and offline part of the business. This can and has been detrimental to businesses that want to sell a product or service that is ta...

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Telecommunications, mobile and wireless

5 tips on how to nail a radio interview

The radio is still a preferred medium of communication even with the massive surge of people that have had flooded to the internet. This is, no doubt, due to the ease of access to it as we just have t...

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Public relations

Are your press releases worth the effort?

The main reason a press release (PR) is produced is strictly for a newsworthy dissemination. This is the first thing you should remember and remember hard. This is because all too often PRs produced e...

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Social media

What does Yahoo want with Tumblr?

Tumblr has agreed on a price of 1.1 billion dollars for Yahoo to acquire them. What Yahoo has in store for Tumblr is rumoured to be an advertising campaign. Tumblr has admitted that they wouldn’t la...

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Business planning

The innovation led by lean start-ups

For many years, the idea of launching a new product from scratch is highly methodological. First, a brilliant idea hits a person. He or she then writes out a business plan, pitch it to potential inves...

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Han Teng

Asked this question - Search engine marketing

Can someone provide a quick overview of the concept of SEO?

I'm struggling to grasp the concept of SEO and how it affects my website (if i had one). Could...

Han Teng

Asked this question - Sales and marketing

Is there such a thing as too much marketing?

How much marketing is too much marketing; or is there such a thing of too much marketing?

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