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These are the results we help our clients achieve.

• Dramatic Operating Cash Flow Boosts
• Industry Leading “Delivery In Full, On Time’ (DIFOT)
• Exceptional And Improving Customer Quality
• Surprisingly Rapid Safety Improvements
• Structured And Scientific Boost To Financial Results
• Class Leading Manufacturing Performance
• Rapid And Real Improvements In Team Behaviour

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Managing employees

Boss, can I talk to you about a pay rise?

Hearing these words often causes the knees to knock and the stomach to churn for any business owner or  manager. I think I have this conversation with each of my clients at least once a year. If i...

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Founders and co-founders

Star Trek, Are You Captain Kirk or Mr Scott?

The original Start Trek series form the 60's would have dramatic scenes where William Shatner as James T Kirk would be engaged  in some daring maneuvers to thwart the Klingons or outrun an explodin...

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Growing and scaling

Osteopathy and improving your business

I have had some problems with my neck and the impact was that I was very stiff and sore. I had trouble turning my head properly whilst driving, and if I made a sudden twist of my neck I would get sh...

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Business growth

Golf is a simple game and so is business

I was talking to my father who is a mad keen golfer and he mentioned Seve Ballesteros. Seve passed away a few years ago at a very young age. He was one of the most exciting golf talents of his gene...

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Business growth

Video games, the wii, and business advice

Have you ever sat down to play a video game (doesn’t matter which one – we are a Wii family, though this applies to PlayStation and Xbox), and your son/daughter/niece/nephew hands you a controll...

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