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I am a speaker, published author, sales strategist and coach to small businesses.
Over the past decade, I've worked with some of the largest organisations in the world, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Macquarie Bank and have been invited to speak at the National Audit Conference hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. I'm brought in by clients increase their revenue.
I run a 3 day sales and communication workshop where I teach my 12 step sales process.


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Business coaching
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Customer acquisition

Learnings from recent workshop - How to turn the hardest part of sales into the easiest

Turn the hardest part in sales into the easiest Key learnings from the Practice Growth Formula workshop Many people enjoy having a chat with clients about their problems and helping them come up wit...

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Business coaching

5 Revenue Streams You Can Add to Your Business Today

One problem experienced by many service based businesses is that they only have a single revenue stream - fee for service. That means that the only way they can get paid is if they have clients who a...

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Sales and marketing

Read this before you waste time and money on marketing

When I work with clients to grow their revenue we implement the Licence to Bill Success Blueprint (find out more in my online course, The Spotted Orange Strategy). In summary one of the first things w...

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Customer acquisition

How to Avoid Being “Pushy” in Sales

Open more conversations with respect The other day one of the General Managers of a company I’ve been working with received an email from a service provider that was a competitor to one of the prov...

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Rise or Demise of Service Based Businesses

How Australians spent their money in 2014 I was reading the news the other day and came across the article on the Sydney Morning Herald, Welcome to the Barista Economy, 11 March 2015, by Jonathan Sha...

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Sales and marketing

Big Take Aways From The Practice Growth Formula Workshop [2 of 2]

The most important things that came out of our recent event [2 of 2] Last week, we shared with you one of the big take aways that came out of the recent Practice Growth Formula workshop . Click here...

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Sales and marketing

Practice Growth Learnings February 2015

Big take-aways from Practice Growth Formula workshop The most important things that came out of our recent event Last Wednesday, we kicked off our two day Practice Growth Formula (PGF) workshop. We...

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Sales and marketing

Nail Your Point of Difference

The easiest way to nail your point of difference One of the first things my clients ask me to help them with is to help them articulate a point of difference. It might be something you’ve thought...

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Sales and marketing

Business Tips: 5 Ways To Grow Your Revenue This Year

I had big dreams for my business when I first started. My vision was to help accountants, coaches and other professionals see the bigger picture and live the life they want, by creating businesses tha...

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Sales and marketing

Marketing Communication: Are Your Clients Engaging with Your Message?

How can a compelling message help you create more fees? How do you rate the effectiveness of your marketing communication? I was watching a TED talk the other day about how the Colombian government u...

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