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Joe Barnewall

Managing Director at Langano Business Strategists

Member Since February 2018

Brisbane, QLD



Joe has led the Langano Business Strategists team since 1999 when he started the business. Working specifically across leadership and strategic planning and management, Joe draws on his decades of experience in corporate CEO and General Manager roles to assist entrepreneurs and businesses leaders drive business success.

With specialist knowledge and expertise in manufacturing, agri-industry, health, water supply, waste water treatment and public sector reform, Joe believes that businesses are more likely to succeed when they harness creativity and innovation within a professional, customer-centric performance measurement framework.

Joe has developed an integrated process for strategic business planning which starts with an organisation’s purpose and values, analyses its financial capacity and pressure points, develops an appropriate strategy for its unique position and mentors and guides the leadership team through strategy implementation.

Joe derives a great sense of fulfilment from working with people, helping them to achieve the best they are capable of - and then achieving more. He encourages leaders to look through the eyes of their staff, suppliers and competitors, to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of their business and its drivers.

Qualified skills

Finance and accounting
Managing employees
Succession planning
Cashflow management
Measuring startup success
Business coaching
Business planning

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Business planning

Use the Power of a SWOT Analysis for Strategic Planning

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