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John P Dawson

Managing Partner at Dawson McDonald Consulting

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I'm known for eliminating barriers to high performance to increase business results and customer loyalty. My passion lies at the intersection of business operations and human behaviour. Getting these fully aligned delivers quantum improvements for customers, staff and the business.
The International Society for Performance Improvement recognises me as an expert and I am co-author of the book - BUILD Your Business: From Ordinary to Extraordinary, 5 Steps to High Performance.

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Business consulting
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Business coaching

Performance Improvement: Managing Organisational Politics.

  Organisational politics is the elephant in the room for many companies. But rather than fuelling rivalries, can office politics be a force for good? Management consultants John Dawson FAIM and Car...

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Customer retention

Performance Improvement: Do your customer experience ads lie?

We want to share two examples of brand trashing and, for complete contrast, a great example of recovery.  Also, we’ll look at a simple formula you can use to think about how well you deliver value ...

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